Get To Know ECSD Staff and Teachers As They Play The Question Game!


Get to know your ECSD staff members and teachers out of the classroom!  This week, EC San Diego staff and teachers played a “Question Game”, a game where each person is asked a series of random and fun questions about themselves. Questions range from inquiries about personal memories and experiences, to “what if” hypothetical questions that are fun to answer with imagination and creativity!

Read on to get to know EC San Diego, who we are, and what we bring each day to ECSD and our students to create a friendly, creative, and inspiring atmosphere for learning English!!

Question #1: “If you could learn anything, what would it be?”

  • Teacher Barbara: “How to fly a plane!”
  • Teacher Anna: “To speak Arabic AND how to fly a plane!”
  • Teacher Elliot: “Write great novels.”
  • Teacher Mai: “Play the guitar. Or learn to play that Titanic song [by Céline Dion] on the piano.”
  • Student Services Coordinator Elisabeth: “How to do a triple axel jump – with fire batons. After I learn how to ice skate, I mean.”

Question #2: “What did you do growing up that got you in trouble?”

  • Teacher John: “Played ‘hookie’ from school. Ferris Bueller style.”
  • Teacher Maddy: “I would fake run-away. But really just went to the park.”
  • Teacher David: “I ran into things hard enough to break bones.”
  • Student Support Member Isabel: “Ate mud. And shaved the cat while my babysitter was watching TV.”
  • Teacher Mai: “What didn’t I do?”
  • Academic Director Heather: “Nothing – I got away with everything.”

Question #3: “What chore do you absolutely hate doing?”

  • Teacher Melissa: “Housework – it is Sisyphus and the Rock! You cannot leave a just-cleaned room before it is all messed up again.”
  • Teacher Elliot: “Washing dishes.”
  • Teacher Mai: “Washing other people’s dishes.”
  • AY Coordinator Daniel: “Tweezing my eyebrows. Never again!”
  • Academic Intern Andrew: “Trying to answer these questions.”

Question #4: “What would you name the autobiography of your life?”

  • Teacher Chelsea: “The Perils of Being A Giant” 
  • Teacher Mai: “Cucmbers Taste Better Pickled”
  • Teacher David: “Grammatically Incorrect”
  • Student Support Member Liz: “Twinkle Toes”
  • Teacher Elliot: “E.T.”

Question #5: “If you were reincarnated as a drink in your next life, what would you be?”

  • Teacher Melissa: “A lovely champagne, full of tiny bubbles.”
  • Teacher Marilyn: “Diet Coke.”
  • Operations Manager Lykai: “A margarita. With extra salt.”
  • Teacher Anna: “An iced tea named after Long island.”
  • Teacher Elliot: “Water.”
  • Teacher John: “Coffee. Lots of coffee.”