Work, Travel, and School: Life After ECSD

Students at EC San Diego graduate with improved English language skills and, just as important, the confidence to use them!! ECSD’s ESL students often graduate with plans to travel in English-speaking countries, start jobs where knowledge of English is necessary, or even extend their academic career by transferring  to an American university or college! But don’t just take our word for it: take theirs!!


Jawad A. says: “I am planning to go home [to Saudi Arabia] and finish high school. I wanted to study English in San Diego because, well, it’s really cool. The teachers are nice and I met a lot of new friends during my stay at school. I always practice my English [with them]!”


Bandar A: “I am going to flight school in two days!! I start Monday at Paris Air school in Florida – I want to become a commercial pilot. ECSD is the first school I have been to outside of my home country, and it was the right choice for me. I never once, not ever, felt homsick, because ECSD became my home and my family. The staff is always willing to help me with school-related things, but also things outside of [the] EC school. My teachers helped me and gave me attention; you could tell they wanted to help me improve and they took time to talk with me [personally]. I would not be where I am today, and where I will be this Monday, without ECSD’s help with my English.”


Tais C.: “I will stay in San Diego with my American roommate for one month, and then I want to travel around the United States. I will go to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, and then go up the California coastline. I met so many interesting and fun people at ECSD, and everyone was so friendly. I felt comfortable and welcomed at ECSD.”


Pin (Eric): “I will be traveling with people I met while I was here. We want to go up the coast, I don’t how far, but at least to San Francisco. The trip starts in a week, so until then I will still be coming to visit everyone at school!! It’s so fun and everyone is so nice. I miss it already!”