A Rave Review of EC San Diego from Student Nadia!


Student Nadia W. gives ECSD five stars & this amazing testimonial about her experience learning English this summer! Thanks for the great feedback, Nadia. We do love what we do ♥!

“I came to EC San Diego from Switzerland, the French part. I had previously gone to London EC, and for summer I thought I would go to San Diego!  I found EC Centers through my agency, ESL Séjours – they recommended it to me when I was looking for English schools abroad. I am currently enrolled in the General English program, and am at the Upper Intermediate level. My English has improved a lot during my time here, especially my speaking! I think it is because I come to school every day and have to speak English with my classmates, who come from everywhere all over the world. English is the one language we can all use to talk to each other, so I’m practicing a lot. The best part about learning English at ECSD is the friendly environment of the school and teachers. My teachers are so helpful, and I have never felt overwhelmed or intimidated by the learning here. The environment at ECSD is so welcoming!

“[Outside of school] surfing is one of the most exciting things I did while studying at EC San Diego, and it was great! I mean, there is no ocean or “surf” in Switzerland, just a lake. I took surfing lessons three times, every time through the school. Also, the [San Diego] Zoo was really fun! Teacher Nick was there, and he knew lots of things about the Zoo – I think he’s been there a lot.

“My advice for new students at ECSD? I would say to do the school activities to meet other people in a fun way. Also, talk to your ESL teachers – they are all friendly and very helpful! When I leave here, I will return to Switzerland to start my Master’s Degree in Business Management. Most of my classes will be in English, and now I feel prepared to not only read in English but also listen to lectures in English and speak up in class. ECSD helped me to feel more confident about my English skills and my future plans!”