ECSD Teacher Profile: Fay Bales


ECSD‘s most recent AY presentation – “Cultural Diversity in Business” – was given by our very own Teacher Fay. In light of her desire to blend her business expertise and passion for teaching, we wanted to find out more about her experiences that motivated this goal.

Born in Iran, Fay came to America at 16 years old as an exchange student for one year. “That changed my life,” she says. After she traveled back to Iran to finish university, she then moved back to the United States and has lived here ever since.

While working in business primarily at American Express for 20 years, Fay lived in multiple states in the US and UK. Her extensive travels led her to realize a love for combining her educational and business background with teaching. “I bring in a lot of real experience that I’ve had,” she says, “Many students ask me questions about working in the US. I’m able to give them real life examples of what it’s like to work in corporate America, especially as a person from a different background.”

Just like our other ESL students, English is Fay’s second language, and that’s why she can relate to her students. She expands ,”I wanted to do something completely different from my other work. But at the same time, I wanted to incorporate my experience to a new area.” Teaching was the answer. With English as her second language and the business experience under her belt, she wanted to “bring this perspective to students and help them learn English.”

The one advice (among many) she gives to her students?

Speak English at all times.

“It’s very difficult for the brain to adjust back and forth from languages,” she says, “in order for you to excel in English, you need to stay consistent in speaking English at all times, even with people who speak your native language.”

So there you have it! First-rate advice from a former ESL student, one who has found success, happiness, and a passion to become an English teacher herself. If you want to learn more, feel free to find her in the classroom and ask away!