Christmas Gift Exchange Games


Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone is scrambling to buy the best gifts for each other. To make things interesting, consider playing a gift exchange game within your group of friends or family; it can be a fun ice breaker among strangers, a cost-effective way to buy presents within larger groups (like classes!), and a fantastic way to liven up your Christmas party. Make your gift giving an event!

Here are 2 gift exchange ideas you can play with your friends:

Secret Santa

This game is all about stealth! All of the participants place their names into a hat or box. Everyone then chooses a name out of the hat but doesn’t tell anyone the name he or she has picked. That is the person for whom they must buy a present.

When the Secret Santa wraps the gift, he/she labels it with the name of the recipient but doesn’t indicate who it’s from. All the presents are then gathered in the general area. When it’s time to open presents, each recipient finds the present labeled with his/her name, opens it, and tries to guess who bought the gift!

White Elephant

Everyone brings a wrapped gift, and all of the presents are gathered in a pile. Everyone then draws a number that will determine their turn. When it’s your turn, you can choose a gift from the table, or you can choose to steal a gift from someone else.  Anyone who has a gift stolen from them can steal from another or open a new gift.  Every round ends when a new gift is opened from the gift table. The game continues with stealing and opening until the last gift is opened.