Alvin Almerol: ESL Teacher & TOEFL Test Prep Master!!

“Hello, my name is Alvin Almerol. I am a local native of San Diego – born and raised, actually!  I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and worked for several esteemed tech companies in the mobile sector before becoming a teacher. My biggest passion is traveling (especially during New Year’s).  I love … Read more

Informal English Terms and Colloquialisms

Understanding proper English grammar and language is critical to becoming a great English speaker. But oftentimes, the language we use in our daily lives is riddled with informal terms and common speech. Learning English includes knowing colloquialisms, which you will then be able to understand and use in your everyday, familiar conversation. Here are a … Read more

Get Academic with EC San Diego’s AY English Program!!

EC San Diego AY tutor Karen discusses this weekend’s student volunteer event with AY Coordinator Daniel in his office overlooking La Jolla Cove EC San Diego’s Academic Semester/Year Program is the prefect fit for students who want to focus on learning English, and who desire to reach an advanced level of English language proficiency. The … Read more