EC San Diego’s New Years Resolutions

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Happy New Year!! Can you believe it’s already 2015!? 

EC San Diego staff share their #1 resolution for the year 2015! We are ready to challenge ourselves and accomplish more in 2015, just like our English language students!

Let’s take a look at EC San Diego’s resolutions for the new year!

 Heather Academic Director: Take more time off and eat healthier.

Nick ADOS: Do some good exercise at least once a week. Travel to a country I have never been to.

Andrew Academic Assistant: Learn time management skills and read more books.

Martha Center Director: Be healthier and join dance class.

Autumn Academic Year Coordinator: Cut back on drinking Dr. Pepper and eating junk food.

Akira Student Volunteer: Stop smoking cigarettes.

Karen CSR Champsion, Teacher: Stop biting my nails.

Lykai Operations Manager: Find a way to help as many people as I can.

Izzy Student Services Counselor: Have good posture!

Elle Student Services Support: Discover my passions and grow as a person.

Brittany Residence Coordinator: Drink more water and spend less money.

Mike A Teacher: Not to shave my beard.

Jenny Lead Teacher: Spend more quality time with my family.

Sophie Student Services Counselor: Become fluent in the Spanish language.

Jen Host Family Coordinator: Stop buying wine instead of groceries.

These are good examples of resolutions YOU can make to start off your new year!