EC San Diego Presents: “S’up Bro?” An Intro to Slang

sup, bro

Slang is a way to express your thoughts in an informal way. Listed below are some trendy American Phrases and their meaning.

“Catch some rays”:  

 Definition: Getting some sunshine.

Example: I’m going to the beach to catch some rays.

“You’re the real MVP.” (Most Valuable Player): 

Definition: A way to congratulate someone.

Example: You forgot your wallet at home and you’re out to dinner. Your friend Kevin pays. “Kevin, you’re the real MVP.”


Definition: Acronym for ‘before anyone else’ (used interchangeably with babe).

Example: “Bae, I love you so much”

“That escalated quickly”:

Definition: Describes a situation that goes from calm to crazy in a matter of seconds.

Example: You’re relaxing on the beach, and all the sudden a huge wave comes and drags you into the water. “Well, that escalated quickly.”


Definition: Under the influence of alcohol; hype for a party.

Example: “Bassmnt got so turnt last night”

“Killin’ it!” 

Definition: When you do something extremely well.

Example: “I was killin’ it during that exam – thanks to my courses at EC San Diego!”

“Awkward turtle”: 

Definition: A way to describe an uncomfortable situation.

Example: “I met that girl last night at a party, but I didn’t remember her name. Awkward turtle.”

“Keep it 100”: 

Definition: To be true to yourself no matter the circumstance.

Example: You don’t have to like my life choices. I’m going to keep it 100, no matter what.


Definition: A photo taken of one’s self. This term became very popular because of a song by The Chainsmokers.

Example: “….but first let me take a selfie.”


Definition: Slang for “What’s up?” another way to ask what is new with someone.

Example: Bob: “Hey, sup?” Sally: “Not much, just hanging out.” 


Definition: A friend, commonly used in greetings.

Example: “What’s up bro?”

These are just some of the few phrases you’ll here while taking English courses in San Diego!