EC San Diego Host of the Month: Leanne Buck!

Leanne and her collage of hosting EC San Diego students!


Host of the Month: Leanne Buck

Leanne: “Just like every student is different, every host family is different, and there is a match for everyone”.


Today’s Blog Spotlight is on EC San Diego’s Host of the month, Leanne Buck!

Here we will outline the philosophies and experiences of our different, local San Diego host families, who all bring something special to the table.

We at EC hope that this post will provide inspiration and advice to other host families so that we can continue to develop a support system together. We also hope that this post will help new ESL students looking to find their San Diego home while attending EC, the best English language school in San Diego!

From EC San Diego Host Mom Leanne:

“When I think about why I work with exchange students from EC, my first thought is ‘because it makes me happy’! I believe that one of my purposes in life is to help guide each and every international student in the hopes of enlightening their lives. I take pride in providing the best home stay accommodation for English language students in San Diego.

“I am so thankful for what my EC San Diego students have brought to my family!

“For example, my students always engage in conversations about the trips they want to take while they are here (I love to travel). They also share the trips that they have taken while in San Diego, showing me what they have bought at the nearby Outlet stores (I stay up on the new fashion), the photos they took while out to dinner at a Las Vegas casino (they always say “we eat all we can!”), and their favorite parts of visiting the Rock Church with me and my family!

“A little about me: I love to walk around the Bay for 5 miles in the early morning and I have had the pleasure of showing my students the beauty of San Diego. On the weekends my students and I often go for bike rides from Mission Bay to Ocean Beach and have breakfast at my favorite local brunch place.

“I am a very busy person with my other job, but with organization I can do it all. Working with the students is so much fun that I consider my time with them to be more of an entertainment for ME. J  From the time I wake up in the morning to when I go to bed at night, I can’t think of a more enjoyable way to fill my day and not to mention, fill my home.

“What do I have planned this month? Well, this weekend, my grand-baby and I, along with 4 EC students, plan to go to Disneyland! I also take excursions to Las Vegas several times a year with my students.

“I think that all my hosted ESL students are thankful to live with me, almost as much as I am happy they live with me! Our mutual gratitude shows in our happiness to each other as well as our mutual consideration and respect sharing a home together.”