Giving Thanks at EC SD: Thanksgiving Potluck Party

Last Thursday EC San Diego enjoyed a festive Thanksgiving Potluck Party with students, faculty and staff. Tables were adorned with cut-out turkeys, pumpkins and, of course, tons of delicious food! Students brought home-made desserts and popular dishes from their home countries. EC San Diego supplied traditional, American Thanksgiving treats, such as pumpkin and apple pie. It was a festive feast … Read more

Voting in the United States

EC San Diego students in Gary Katz’s advanced class went on a field trip to get a sneak peak into the American voting process in action. Students had the opportunity to observe firsthand the American voting process. To get a better understanding of how the general election works, students took a field trip down to a local polling place to watch and observe people … Read more

A Spooktacular Halloween Party

Students from EC San Diego got their first taste of American tradition and culture during Halloween, not only from the sweets given out, but also from a Spooktacular Halloween party hosted by EC. Faculty and staff dressed up in full, galactic fashion as famous Star Wars characters. Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers stormed the hall taunting students to get involved in the Halloween … Read more