A Local Fieldtrip: Seven Bridge Walk

7 Bridge Walk. By Alessia Mueller, EC San Diego CAE Student
It was an unexpected pleasure that the FCE and CAE teachers, Marilyn and Jenny, took their classes on the 7 Bridge Walk in San Diego. Our journey started on a sunny and warm Saturday morning at the Rose Garden in Balboa Park. Our tour guide, Ande, the 2 year old son of Jenny and her husband Thomas, led us through the whole trip and did a good job.
We walked through Balboa Park with its impressive surroundings and ended up at the 2nd bridge. This bridge was supposed to be like a bridge in Venice where people could enter a gondola. After seeing the gondola launch, our walk went ahead past the statue of Kate Session and on to Banker’s Hill. This place was impressive. Here we discovered several bridges which are constructed with wood or steel. Finally, we reached a simple suspension bridge where our walk ended.
It was a great pleasure to do this walk with our classmates and we had a very good time. It’s an easy walking path which can be done by young and old. it is definitely worth it to walk through the area and discover American bridges. All in all, we have no hesitation recommending this walk. And thanks to Carl, a passionate photographer and husband of Marilyn, our walk was documented.