Joining EC San Diego English school means becoming part of the family.No matter how much time you spend with us or how many times you visit, we won’t forget about you! We offer English courses in San Diego, but more importantly, we create friendships which continue beyond the classroom.At EC San Diego we like to follow our students’ lives and show our support even after they have left. Today we want to congratulate former student Sara Corrales. She is not just a wonderful actress and English language student, by participating in the Mexican dance competition program “Mira Quien Baila”, she is also proved to be an amazing dancer.     Keep it up Sara! You are a superstar in our books.     Let us Know what are you up to! Catch up with us and share your experiences and passions on our facebook and Instagram pages!  

Halloween Party Lobby Deocrations

Halloween Party at EC San Diego

Last Friday, EC San Diego wrapped up October with a spooktacular Halloween party. The theme of the party was the Wizardly World of Harry Potter. On Friday, October, 24th, EC San Diego officially opened up its very own Hogwart’s School of International Wizards! Many teachers brought to life some of Hogwarts most beloved characters, such as “he who shall not be named,” also known as Lord Voldemort, Severus Snape, also known as potions master, the strict and stern Dolores Umbridge, the whimsical Albus Dumbledore and, of course, Harry Potter himself. The party commenced after graduation and consisted of tarot card readings, face painting, pumpkin carving, a costume contest and the return of the popular pumpkin piñata. After the party, the students went to their classrooms to continue celebrating with their teachers. On the night of Halloween, many students handed out candy with their host families and enjoyed the spirit of participating in an American cultural event! We hope you can visit EC San Diego in the future and be a part of our celebrations!

Cambridge Students Teach Passive Voice

Last week, our CAE Cambridge Last week, our CAE Cambridge students taught the FCE class certain grammar rules, such as the use of conditional, passive or future tense. Every group taught their topic three times to three different groups of the FCE. We used music, games and the white board in the classroom to help them understand the basics of the grammar. After our class taught the same thing three times in a row, we understood the rules better than before. All in all it was a very helpful experience for both classes and we enjoyed to be on the teacher’s side for once.

Sara Corrales

Colombian Actress Studies at EC San Diego

A few months ago, Colombian Actress and EC Student, Sara Corrales, returned to our school for a month of English lessons. It was her second time at EC San Diego, but her experience this time around was completely different and unique. Sara’s second EC experience included advanced English courses, different core and special focus classes and, of course, new friends. Sara also had the opportunity to take surf lessons in Pacific Beach with her boyfriend, Alexis Meana, from D.F. Mexico, who joined her at school for a few weeks. Sara enjoyed the “host family” experience and participated in student activities. A videographer captured some of her most memorable moments at EC. Click on the link below to see Sara with her host mother, in her classes, with her friends, surfing at Pacific Beach, working out at La Jolla cover and graduating from EC San Diego:  

EC at Home

EC San Diego Launches EC at Home

At EC San Diego we know that learning English is more than the hard work you do in the classroom; it’s also about all those moments, big and small, that happen after the day ends after school. That is why EC has launched EC at Home, which is yet another opportunity for students to practice their English outside of the classroom. EC at home is a unique offer that gives students extra time practicing and learning English at their current residences. The San Diego homestay English courses are designed to give students up to 4 hours of extra time each week with their teachers in a casual setting. The benefits include 1-2 hours of structured conversation in residences during the weekdays and 1-2 hours outside, exploring the city and using English skills in real-life contexts. Students at EC San Diego meet with teacher Gary weekly, at their apartments in Pacific Beach, to continue the fun and engaging learning experience after school. Below are some photos of students enjoying lessons poolside, eating pizza and playing billiards.

Student Ambassador Spotlight Series: Moving up in English Levels

  Giovanni Freni Sterrantino is one of EC’s Academic Year Student Ambassadors. From the time he arrived from Calabria, Italy, he struggled the most with pronunciation and conversation, but during our interview he seems confident and the conversation is fluid with little to no pauses. Although he admits “today was a good English day,” meaning some days he just wants to stay quiet and other days, such as these, he feels confident in his speaking abilities. Giovanni chose San Diego because he had been to California before and was impressed by its beauty. “It is totally different here,” he said comparing Italy and California. We are sitting in an office with an ocean view, he gestures to the window and with wide eyes says, “The location in La Jolla is beautiful.” He visited 7 years ago and was drawn to the city’s upbeat people and lively lifestyle. Although Giovanni learned the English basics in Italy, he did not feel it was helpful. “I am very happy to learn English in a totally different way because we didn’t study English this way in High School. We studied literature and it was not useful for my life.” Giovanni enjoys classes like English in the City where students can apply their knowledge outside of the classroom. He especially enjoys “Special Focus,” courses, such as Business English. Giovanni also stressed the importance of the quality of students and teachers alike. “The class mates are very important and the teacher is also important. How he/she teaches and controls the classroom makes a difference in keeping people interested.” At EC San Diego the average classroom size is 12 students and the maximum is 15 students, so it’s an intimate learning environment for both teacher and student. There is also a healthy mix of nationalities ranging from … Read more

EC San Diego Welcomes New Intern

Meet our new intern, Kana Hamada, from Japan! Kana is joining us from EC San Francisco where she spent a year as a student learning English at EC San Francisco. The differences between San Diego and San Francisco are apparent, especially the city layout and weather. San Francisco is known for its cold, windy climate while San Diego is known for its year-round sunny weather. Kana enjoyed her time in San Francisco, but this is an entirely new experience for her, mainly because she’s returning to EC as an intern and not as a student. As an intern, Kana’s responsibilities include collecting student documents on intake day, following up with students for missing information, creating sign-up sheets and flyers for student activities, translating and other general admin duties. In her short time here, Kana has already experienced the San Diego Zoo with EC Students and Sea World with her friends. She also recently indulged herself in the American tradition of Black Friday shopping post Thanksgiving , which she very much enjoyed! We are very happy to have her as part of the EC San Diego family! Thank you for everything you do, Kana! We appreciate you! A few words from Kana herself, “Before coming to San Diego, I was a little bit worried. I felt like a complete foreigner and a bit intimated. I was worried about my English skills because I was staying in Japan for three months and during my stay in Japan I was a little bit scared because I didn’t speak English, or write English that much. I’ve been feeling more comfortable here because people are very friendly, nice and easy going. I am more confident speaking English with others, especially when talking to people at bars and cafes.Kana also loves animals, “I am pretty happy because San Diego is … Read more

Holiday Cheer at EC San Diego

The holidays are upon us at the EC San Diego office with festive lights adorning the front desk and chrome ornaments dangling from one end to the other. Holiday tunes can be heard throughout the building. To keep the spirit of the holidays alive, the activity calendar for December is filled with many holiday-related events, such as a Holiday Tree Lighting & Winter Wonderland Festival happening on Saturday, December 3rd and Balboa Park’s annual December Nights this upcoming Friday December 2nd and Friday December 3rd. December nights is a free, local event with many activities and food gardens respresenting traditional cuisines from various countries. There are carnival rides, beer gardens, cookie decorating, cheerful carolers, dance performances and plenty of holiday cheer to go around to liven up the spirit! We are also hosting our annual Holiday Party on Friday, December 23rd! For more information on free, local events in San Diego, visit the Official Travel Resource in San Diego.  

Meet Mayu, Our New Student Intern!

Mayu comes to EC San Diego from Tokyo, Japan. She studies English at a local university and will enter her third year in the fall.  Why I came to intern at EC San Diego is to improve my English skills in practical ways. Social experience in America will be definitely helpful when I start to work in Japan because what makes difference between Japanese and American internship is to be an intern like one of the real EC San Diego staff. So I can understand how difficult and challenging working is and it absolutely makes me confident of myself. What I see and hear now is so fresh, and it’s amazing to meet many people from different cultures. Because I have studied about activities and intercommunication between different cultures, it is wonderful for me to use what I have learned before in real situations. I hope I can help anyone who suffers from culture shock experience.  There must be difficulties and obstacles I will face, but I always remind why I came here and keep positive attitudes toward knowing new things. Also, the summer in San Diego is amazing. I hope this intern experience will make me strong and more socially adapted. There are many things about what I didn’t expect, but I will adapt and make them happy experiences for me.

Student Testimonial: Elva from Taiwan!

Hi, My name is Elva. I come from Taiwan. EC is a very high quality language school. EC not only provides qualified teachers, but also has a perfect tutoring system to help students improve their English. In my personal experience, it only took me four months to go from the Intermediate to Advanced level. It’s all thanks to EC! Moreover, EC San Diego provides library and computer rooms for students so that they can study or read. And my favorite part of the school is the activities where I can hang out with my classmates. By the way, the school is on the La Jolla coast which is a wonderful view!