EC San Diego Shout Out From Student Stephany D.!

Stephany hangs out on EC San Diego’s balcony – “Come to EC – it’s amazing!” “Hi, my name is Stephany. I am from São Paulo, Brazil and I am 19 years old. “I came to EC San Diego because I am an English teacher back in my [home] country.  My boss there has alw … Read more

English Proverbs 101: Witty & Wise Sayings

“A proverb is the wit of one, and the wisdom of many.” – Lord John Russell (British politician). Proverbs in English, or in any language, are short sayings that express popular beliefs that are based on common sense or the practical experience of humankind. ECSD teachers mix things … Read more

English Pronunciation Tips & Tricks!

  Learning a new language is learning a new way to communicate with those around you. At ECSD, students are given an academic foundation for communicating successfully in English – by speaking it!! So how do you actually say all these new English words and phrases? Here are a few tips &am … Read more

ECSD Students Can Master Those Idioms!

  The most impactful way ECSD students can improve their English is by talking and practicing with local San Diegans.  One thing an ESL student may notice about these conversations is a bunch of strange phrases that seem to mean different things from what they say. But fear not, these people (o … Read more

Get Stoked On English: SoCal Slang!

The surf culture of Southern California is one of the most famous and iconic cultures in the world. Since the 1960s “SoCal” culture has combined easy-going, down-to-earth West Coast trends with Hollywood glamour, putting California culture in the global spotlight of “cool”. E … Read more

Get To Know ECSD Staff and Teachers As They Play The Question Game!

Get to know your ECSD staff members and teachers out of the classroom!  This week, EC San Diego staff and teachers played a “Question Game”, a game where each person is asked a series of random and fun questions about themselves. Questions range from inquiries about personal memories and … Read more

Volunteer Outreach at Casa De Manana

Here at EC San Diego we do a lot of volunteer outreach in our community.  One monthly event we do is called “Dinner and Conversation.”  At this event between 4 to 7 students visit a local retirement community and eat dinner with the residents.  It is a great chance for the students who study the Eng … Read more