ESL San Diego EC English Homework Club

ESL San Diego: EC English Homework Club

Calling all new and incoming EC San Diego students! Our Homework Club is live and back in action! Sometimes teachers will assign super difficult tasks that can make even the most studious of students suffer a headache. That’s exactly what Homework Club is for! The Club was started several years ago, originally called Guided Self Study (GSS), but it has always been the same: students in ESL San Diego classes with EC who need that extra bit of help can come find it, whatever it may be. So, bring your most difficult tasks, questions, problems and brains to Teacher Brian every Thursday at 2:15 to get some FREE extra help. All levels are welcome, and any subject is fair game. You just need to sign up at the front desk. And here’s a tip for all EC’s students: take your ESL learning OUTSIDE. Volunteer with EC San Diego to speak with San Diego local or have your hosts take you out for cultural excursions if you are staying in an EC San Diego Homestay. Even if you come to Homework Club to get extra help and make sure your homework is done correctly, you must still take the knowledge of English you gain here into the real world, and use it with real people. For example, one hundred grammar exercises on the Present Perfect vs. Past Simple still aren’t nearly as good as 1 hour of conversation and communication with a native English speaker. So get out there, and don’t be afraid to use your English!

ESL Student Testimonial: Laura Bazan!

Laura came to EC San Diego from her home country of Spain in November 2015. Last week was her very last week with us so we asked her to share her experiences of EC for ESL San Diego! “I have had here a great experience. The school is localized in the best place of San Diego. The staff is very kind and the school offers a lot of interesting activities like the volunteer opportunities, which is great, or free classes. Also, I liked that I could have different topics in the Special Focus classes, because they allow students to choose which class they see as more suitable for themselves. The teachers are good but there are some teachers that are great!! They helped me a lot, for example thank you Teacher Fay, she for me was the best one. Also John and Barbara helped me too much. Thank you to everyone at EC San Diego for my amazing experiences over the past six months!”  

Mastering English Classes in San Diego

The Graduating Class of Friday, March 18, 2016 celebrated the completion of their EC English classes in San Diego.  After marching in, the graduates walked up one-by-one to receive their certificates from EC San Diego’s Center Director, Martha Delgadillo. Once everyone received their certificates, Assistant Academic Director, Nick DiZinno, announced them official Graduates and they threw their caps in the air in celebration! Afterwards, they mingled, congratulated each other, and took photos with the friends they made while studying English at EC San Diego! We are proud of how far you’ve come, and we will miss you all! Congratulations on completing your English Classes in San Diego!

Field Trip to the Natural History Museum

Last Tuesday Fay’s Pre-Advanced Class took a field trip to The Natural History Museum in Balboa Park! They walked through the Mayan Exhibit, because art has been the main topic in class. Afterwards, they dined at Parado Restaurant and strolled through the Balboa Park. It was a perfect day and everybody enjoyed it. Just another reason that EC San Diego is a perfect place to Learn English in the US!

EC San Diego Student Testimonial-Pia

Read below to find out about Chilean student Pia and her experience learning English at EC San Diego for the past six months! I chose San Diego because my father told me that it was a beautiful place and thought it would be the best place for me because it is a good fit for my personality.  He made a great choice because I love San Diego!  I improved my English a lot because my first level was High Elementary and now I am in Intermediate. I feel that I have improved a lot because when I first arrived I couldn’t speak and I didn’t understand anything and now I can talk normally and now people understand me.  I love EC because I feel comfortable. It has a family atmosphere.  It is a place where I can make new friends and if I have a problem I know somebody will support me.   All of my teachers are my favorite and I am so glad that I had these people teaching me because I learned English and more! I made a lot of friends from Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Korea and America.  I could not have asked for a  better experience studying English in the USA. I will remember everything, because I fell in love with San Diego, it is an amazing place, the people are so nice and every day that I spent here was fantastic. Every time that I was here I felt happy!

EC San Diego Student Testimonial-Bianca and Luis

Bianca and Luis from Venezuela talk about their experience studying English in the USA! We chose San Diego because of the weather, it’s very similar to Venezuela and because there are a lot of beaches nearby.  We have both improved our vocabulary and our speaking skills and have lost the fear that we had when we had to speak English! We both have more self-confidence now than before.  Our favorite EC activity was the volunteer beach cleanup because we spent a lot of time with the staff and the other students. The thing we like the most about EC is the way the teachers help you to improve your skills.  The staff is so kind and helpful and they care about us.  The teachers are also very good.  Our favorite teacher is Jenny because she is very dynamic and she always keeps everyone motivated to learn.  We also liked Hind because she taught us a lot of good vocabulary and she was very good in grammar. Our best friends here are from Saudi Arabia because we are very interested to know their culture.  It is so different from ours and they can also learn from us.  We would definitely recommend EC to learn a second language!

EC San Diego Student Testimonial-Ibrahim

Ibrahim from Saudi Arabia has been studying at EC San Diego for 1 year!  Read below to find out what he thinks about studying English in the USA! I chose San Diego because of the great weather and because of the location near the beach and Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I love the activities the most for example the Zoo trip, basketball, volleyball. I liked going to the volunteer activities such as cleaning the beach and Casa De Manana where you can speak with older people and have dinner with them. I enjoyed listening to them talk about their experiences and their lives. I would recommend EC to a friend because the staff is so friendly and the teachers are great! My favorite teacher was Rachel because she taught me a lot and gave me the opportunity to improve my speaking and writing skills. I had a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn about their culture. I plan to visit my friends from Spain, Brazil and Switzerland. I will remember having friendly staff and teachers and plan to keep in touch with them and the experience of interacting with different cultures and making new friends.

 SFSU Presentation at EC San Diego

On Friday October 16th, 2015 an San Francisco State University representative visited EC San Diego in order to give a presentation on the merits of attending San Francisco State University.  SFSU is a great place for students to continue to Study English in the USA. See below for some facts on SFSU and hi-lights from the presentation! SFSU is located in northern California and is home to one of the most multicultural populations in the world, and as such is a great place for international students to continue their education. The University itself is located in a suburb 20 minutes away from downtown, so students have a chance to study and attend classes in a quiet peaceful neighborhood, but can still experience all of the nightlife, restaurants and cultural activities that downtown has to offer! SFSU is known for its community service learning and international education.  It has partnerships with various government, business and educational leaders in order to better the University and the community. In order to attend SFSU students must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA, a TOEFL score of 61 or IELTS score of 6.0 and an official transcript of all schools attended showing completions of courses. The top 10 majors at SFSU include; Business Admin, Computer Science, Engineering, Biology, Communication Studies, Psychology, International relations, Industrial Design/Arts, English/TESOL and Kinesiology. For more information on San Francisco State University!

EC San Diego Student Testimonial-Joe!

  Joe is a student ambassador from Korea and has been at EC for the past 8 months.  Read below to see all of the reasons why he loves studying at EC San Diego! I chose San Diego because the weather is so good and may change my personality in a positive way.  I also wanted to study English in the USA!  I heard that there was a good mix of other nationalities. I started at intermediate and I am now in the pre advanced class, so I have improved a lot in the past 8 months!  I have improved my speaking skills the most because I have been able to speak English all the time (at school, at home and around San Diego)! The best part about being a student ambassador is meeting new students every week and trying to communicate with friends who come from a lot of different nationalities.  I also appreciate the opportunity to get to speak with many people with different points of view. I would definitely recommend EC San Diego to other students because you can hang out with many friends and the teachers and staff are great in a perfect place!  

Desiree: Why I Love to Learn English at EC San Diego

My experience at EC was amazing! I met a lot of people from different countries and cultures and I learned a lot from them. But the best part of this experience is my host family- now they are my family. I love them with all my heart and I will miss them a lot. They are so special to me. If I could bring them with me I would. They helped me every time I needed. They cared about me and they treated me like family. They are the best people I’ve ever met. They are sweet, friendly, kind and fantastic! I chose this destination because my agent in Venezuela recommended San Diego to me and it was the best choice I’ve ever made. I would recommend EC as a great place to learn English to all my friends. All the teachers I had were great. Thank you EC for giving me the best months of my life!