ESL San Diego EC English Homework Club

ESL San Diego: EC English Homework Club

Calling all new and incoming EC San Diego students! Our Homework Club is live and back in action! Sometimes teachers will assign super difficult tasks that can make even the most studious of students suffer a headache. That’s exactly what Homework Club is for! The Club was started several years ago, originally called Guided Self Study (GSS), but it has always been the same: students in ESL San Diego classes with EC who need that extra bit of help can come find it, whatever it may be. So, bring your most difficult tasks, questions, problems and brains to Teacher Brian every Thursday at 2:15 to get some FREE extra help. All levels are welcome, and any subject is fair game. You just need to sign up at the front desk. And here’s a tip for all EC’s students: take your ESL learning OUTSIDE. Volunteer with EC San Diego to speak with San Diego local or have your hosts take you out for cultural excursions if you are staying in an EC San Diego Homestay. Even if you come to Homework Club to get extra help and make sure your homework is done correctly, you must still take the knowledge of English you gain here into the real world, and use it with real people. For example, one hundred grammar exercises on the Present Perfect vs. Past Simple still aren’t nearly as good as 1 hour of conversation and communication with a native English speaker. So get out there, and don’t be afraid to use your English!

EC San Diego Weekend Experience

Join EC San Diego staff and students every Sunday afternoon for a walking tour of La Jolla and group lunch at Bubba’s Smokehouse! The tour is for both current and incoming students. We hope to give every student enrolled in our English classes in San Diego the chance to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of La Jolla, and help them become more comfortable in their new home! EC San Diego walking tour includes the local bus stop (Bus Number 30), the location of EC San Diego, La Jolla Cove, Scripps Park, and Bubba’s Smokehouse. Our staff will be available to assist you with any questions you may have upon arrival, and can give you the best information to make your English course in the USA a huge success!

EC San Diego Student Testimonial-Ibrahim

Ibrahim from Saudi Arabia has been studying at EC San Diego for 1 year!  Read below to find out what he thinks about studying English in the USA! I chose San Diego because of the great weather and because of the location near the beach and Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I love the activities the most for example the Zoo trip, basketball, volleyball. I liked going to the volunteer activities such as cleaning the beach and Casa De Manana where you can speak with older people and have dinner with them. I enjoyed listening to them talk about their experiences and their lives. I would recommend EC to a friend because the staff is so friendly and the teachers are great! My favorite teacher was Rachel because she taught me a lot and gave me the opportunity to improve my speaking and writing skills. I had a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn about their culture. I plan to visit my friends from Spain, Brazil and Switzerland. I will remember having friendly staff and teachers and plan to keep in touch with them and the experience of interacting with different cultures and making new friends.

EC San Diego Student Testimonial-Joe!

  Joe is a student ambassador from Korea and has been at EC for the past 8 months.  Read below to see all of the reasons why he loves studying at EC San Diego! I chose San Diego because the weather is so good and may change my personality in a positive way.  I also wanted to study English in the USA!  I heard that there was a good mix of other nationalities. I started at intermediate and I am now in the pre advanced class, so I have improved a lot in the past 8 months!  I have improved my speaking skills the most because I have been able to speak English all the time (at school, at home and around San Diego)! The best part about being a student ambassador is meeting new students every week and trying to communicate with friends who come from a lot of different nationalities.  I also appreciate the opportunity to get to speak with many people with different points of view. I would definitely recommend EC San Diego to other students because you can hang out with many friends and the teachers and staff are great in a perfect place!  

EC San Diego October Activity Calendar

  The EC San Diego October calendar has arrived! See below for highlights that the EC San Diego English Center has to offer for the month of October.  Be sure to sign up for each activity at the front desk!  October 8th- Haunted Trail- Get in the Halloween spirit with a trip to the haunted trail at Balboa Park.  Tickets are $19 and will take place at 7:30pm! October 10th-Oktoberfest Ocean Beach-Ocean Beach will host one of the many Oktoberfest celebrations this month on Saturday October 10th.  This event is free and will take place at 11am! October 11th– Indoor Rock Climbing-Interested in learning how to rock climb?  Meet your EC chaperon at Vertical Hold in Miramar at 11am! Sign up at the front desk by October 10th! October 15th-Reggae Night-Listen to live Reggae music at Gallagher’s Pub in Ocean Beach at 9pm. Please sign up a the front desk by October 14th! This is a free event! October 16th-Scream Zone-Visit Scream Zone in Del Mar, for a true Halloween experience!  The trip will take place at 8pm and tickets are $18-$23! Sign up by October 14th! October 18th-San Diego Zoo-Visit the world famous San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park at 11am on Sunday October 18th.  Tickets are $20 and at least 15 students must sign up by October 15th. October 22nd-Bowling Night-Come out to Bowling Night Thursday, Oct 22nd at 7pm.  Sign up at the front desk by Tuesday October 20th! October 23rd-Knotts Scary Farm- For a truly terrifying experience join Expedition America’s trip to Knott’s Scary Farm! Tickets are $145 including transportation! See Adam for more details! October 24th-Peddle Boating- Sign up for Pedal boating with Teacher Melissa at Paradise Point in Mission Beach at 11am.  $20 per person!  Sign up at the front desk by October 22nd! October 25th-The Haunted … Read more

EC San Diego Host Family Highlight “Mark Zinnecker”

As I always tell my students, “Just like every student is different, every host family is different, and there is a match for everyone”. This spotlight of the host of the month section outlines the philosophies and experiences of our different hosts, who all bring something special to the table. We hope that this will provide inspiration and advice to other host families, so that we can continue to develop a support system together.       I am a retired person with careers in chemistry and software engineering, as well as having a ten-year care-giving experience with my mother, who had Alzheimer’s disease. As the child of a career Army Officer, I grew up moving every three years and traveled a lot. When I was four years old, my family moved from Arlington, VA to Heidelberg, Germany for a three year tour of duty.  I also spent the better part of the summer after my first year in college traveling around Europe with a friend, and was able to visit my old home in Heidelberg.  I was exposed to foreign cultures right from the get-go. The Army brat experience gave me an early appreciation for the wonderful diversity of cultures in other parts of the world, as well as the value of growing up with change as the norm.  Now that I have settled down in San Diego and have a house with extra bedrooms, what better way to continue learning about other people and places in the world than to host these young ambassadors from other countries who are here to learn our language and culture.  I have to agree with last month’s spotlight host about how nice it can be to share your home with these young, happy, and energetic people.   One of the aspects of … Read more

EC Business English: Gain Career Success!

The ability to communicate confidently and effectively is a major factor in anyone’s career. What you say and how you say it can make or break an interview, business deal or networking relationship. EC knows the importance of learning General English as well as Business English; mastering both can help you further your career goals in today’s global market. Our business courses are the right choice when you study English in the USA! EC San Diego’s Business English courses are open to any student looking to learn business English while experiencing American culture.Our Business Year program is for ESL students who want to improve their English skills quickly and effectively within 6 to12 months. If you want to add ‘English-speaking’ to your CV, support your job at home, or take the next step in your career, EC San Diego’s Business English is for you. The Business Semester/Year also provides free tutoring, business mentoring, community volunteer opportunities and free one-to-one sessions where you can work on what you want to learn. Our business English teachers have real-world experience that they weave into daily group and individual lessons. At the end of a course, we want our students to know how to write a resume, interview with potential employers, give business presentations, and use accurate business English with diplomacy and tact. Whether you want to enhance future career possibilities, provide additional skills to your CV, or further your current career path, Business English with EC San Diego can help you gain career success!              

EC San Diego Student Highlight – Yuki Murata

Article by Student: Jaemaro Choi Let me introduce Yuki Murata, one of EC San Diego’s students. Yuki is from Japan and has been taking ESL classes in San Diego for 6 months. Here, he has shown us how to make sushi. First of all, to make sushi, he went to a Japanese & Korean supermarket on Convoy Street with EC San Diego friends to buy the needed ingredients. Then, at his home our chef makes the sushi.  Here are the steps: First, he thinly slices the fish professionally. Then, he mixes rice with white wine vinegar. Next, he prepares the seaweed. Finally, we eat sushi all together.   The sushi was so delicious that we couldn’t stop eating it. We cleaned everything off our plates. Thank you so much Yuki for giving us such a wonderful experience at EC. At EC, we are happy, studying English and having variety activities. Learning how to make sushi was a one-of-a kind opportunity to learn about another culture while speaking English!   Learn more about ESL in San Diego

EC San Diego Student Testimonial – Kevin Baggenstos

  Why did you choose this destination? To be honest, I was rather lucky to have been given the great opportunity to join this outstanding language school. Before I came to San Diego I was three months at EC Los Angeles. In LA they did not offer the Cambridge Proficiency Course so I decided to go to San Diego, where they offer this challenging course. What did you learn? During my time here in San Diego I have learned a lot of vocabulary and also refreshed my grammar. Not only do I have extraordinarily good teachers but also good classmates, who are willing to learn and teach. Also I was able to improve my organization skills as a student ambassador and I got to learn a plethora of different cultures. How much did you improve? I went from advance to proficient and can say that I highly improved in less than 4 months. What was your favorite EC activity? My favorite activity is, and will always be, soccer. We also will have the opportunity to play against other language schools, which is nice. It boosts the spirit as a school and who does not like to win a trophy? What did you like most about the school/lessons? My teacher ( I can only speak for myself) were highly qualified and never failed to teach me more. In the beginning I thought my writing was good, but my teacher taught me better and now I know what kind of level I really have to achieve. Also I like how the electives are organized. You always have enough break to enjoy lunch or you have all the lessons in a row so you are free afterwards. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Having heard about other schools from several friends I … Read more