Student Soraya’s Guide to EC and San Diego!

Soraya Silva came to us from Brazil in January and spent two weeks participating in EC San Diego’s General English course at the Upper Intermediate level.  Read what this incredible and intelligent lady has to say about her EC experience:  Hi everybody! I`m going to talk a little about my trip … Read more

Learning English at EC to Become a Global Citizen!

We are all here at EC San Diego to learn or teach English. But in a world of global citizenship, which other languages could be considered as significant? In December a panel of international researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) published a study mapping the worlds languages as … Read more

EC San Diego Presents: “S’up Bro?” An Intro to Slang

Slang is a way to express your thoughts in an informal way. Listed below are some trendy American Phrases and their meaning. “Catch some rays”:    Definition: Getting some sunshine. Example: I’m going to the beach to catch some rays. “You’re the real MVP.” (Most V … Read more

Actress Sara Corrales Shares Her EC San Diego Experience

For the past nine weeks, EC San Diego had the pleasure of getting to know Colombian actress and model, Sara Corrales. From Day 1, we were greeted with Sara’s beautiful smile and boisterous personality. Her love for life and learning brought a positive energy to our center, for both students and the … Read more

It’s Christmas Season!

1. La Jolla Christmas parade In front of the English Center in San Diego  there is a Christmas parade!! The location is pretty good. You will see Christmas arts, crafts, food and Santa!! December 7th 1:30 pm Right in front of the school. 2.Toyland Parade At the 51 st Annual North Park, you will be d … Read more

Meet our newest intern, Akira!

Hi. My name is Akira Sato. I would like to introduce myself as a new intern on the EC staff. I started working at EC San Diego this week. You might recognize me because I used to be a student here. I’m from Kanagawa, Japan. I chose to come to San Diego because my friend recommended it and I don’t re … Read more

November Activity Calendar, 2014

Remember, Remember: It Now is November! EC San Diego’s NEW November Activity Calendar is now available! Check out the following activities and events that will take your full immersion English course to the next level: 1. November 5th: “Girl Talk” Activity & Class with Teacher … Read more

Student Testimonial: Mustafa Felimban!

Mustafa with his California State Flag Mustafa has been a student at EC San Diego for 2 years! Friday October 10th was his last day at school, and we were very sad to see him go. Read below to see what he has to say about his experience as a student with EC English Language Centers in San Diego: &#8 … Read more

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Yesterday, EC San Diego held a fundraiser in order to raise money for further research on alternative testing methods and medicines for treating Ovarian cancer. Students who donated $1 were able to put their hand in a box and pick out a piece of paper lis … Read more