An American Football Experience

    On Sunday, September 18th, EC San Diego students had the opportunity to experience their first American Football game. Over twenty five students came to witness the San Diego chargers in their home opener as they handedly defeated the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars. EC San Diego Students got their first glimpse of American Football action the right way. They left the stadium with souvenirs and a great sense of enthusiasm. The San Diego Chargers surprised and impressed the home crowd by defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars with the final score being 38-14.   Find out more about San Diego Homestay English courses.

A simple tip for improving your academic writing

  Sometimes, when writing essays, particularly for tests, contemporary students will overlook one of the most basic principles of good academic writing: paragraphs. Too frequently do I, as a 10-year teacher, see single sentences sitting by their lonesome in the midst of other swaths of Facebook style posts. Understandably, the advancement of social networks, mobile phones, and texting apps has forwarded a culture in which a single thought is inscribed and then sent to its recipient. After, another single thought is typed, and the “send” button hit again. A third thought occurs, and is singularly shot into space, bouncing off satellites and phone towers, landing one by one in a friend’s phone. However, academic writing is not a Facebook conversation. Academic writing is a series of cohesive, thoroughly explained, and structured arguments relying on research or data. Simply put, single sentence paragraphs do not exist in the academic world. If you’re writing single sentence paragraphs in academic writing, you’re making a serious mistake. So, here’s a very basic rule to remember for all those students out there trying to achieve a higher score on their tests: a paragraph is, at minimum, 3 sentences. Generally, a good essay paragraph will include a topic sentence, featuring the primary reason or argument, followed by elaboration on concepts and definitions, and finished with a supporting example. These three sentences form the core of any solid academic paragraph, and are worlds beyond the WhatsApp style writing too frequently used in modern ESL essays. On a final note, it may help to realize there is reasoning behind the 3 sentence minimum rule. I once had the reasoning explained to me very well by a UC San Diego professor. In short, your ideas are like a box. When you present your box to someone, you must unpack … Read more

Baseball Basics by EC San Diego

  EC San Diego students and staff enjoy a summertime baseball game There’s nothing more American than baseball. Baseball started in America in 1845. Baseball is referred to as America’s favorite pastime. A pastime is something you do (and have done before) in your free time. Baseball has a long history in America and it’s popular in several other countries, too. Here are some facts that you may or may not know about baseball, from EC San Diego teacher Autumn: A baseball team has 9 players. A baseball game has no time limit. In baseball points are called “runs.” There are 30 baseball teams in the MLB (Major League Baseball). California has 5 baseball teams: San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Athletics, and San Francisco Giants. Baseball is a fantastic sport and you must experience the game live at least one time. Next Saturday, August 20th join teacher Autumn and EC San Diego English students to watch the San Diego Padres play the Arizona Diamondbacks!

EC San Diego Mid-Summer Events

It is the height of summer and EC San Diego has some amazing activities planned. Read the below to get all the information you need to know! And make sure to like our EC Facebook page to get up-to-date information on all our events and activities. It’s a great summer to study English in San Diego! Padres Baseball Game with EC! Saturday July 16th 2016 (5:40pm) Sign up and pay ($30) for your ticket at the EC front desk Collect your ticket after you pay Join us at Petco Park stadium – the game starts at 5:40pm Address: 100 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101 Soccer at the Cove! Monday, July 18th, 2016 (2:15pm) Sign up at the front desk, and meet teacher Kevin there at 2:15pm Games will be held in the park by La Jolla Cove Don’t forget to wear your football shoes! Disney Movie & Snack Party! Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 (2:15pm) Sign up in the activity binder at the front desk We need at least 5 students to sign up Join Teacher Jenny in Room 10 for a viewing spectacular! EC Potluck Picnic at the Cove! Wednesday July 20th, 2016 (2:15pm) Sign up at the front desk and let us know what you plan to bring Meet at the Cove and bring a dish to share Sports at the Cove with Nick! Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 (2:15pm) Sign up at the front desk Meet Nick at the front at 2:15 to walk down to La Jolla Cove park EC Beach Day at Black’s Beach! Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 (3pm) We LOVE this beach and are excited to share it with our students!! Sign up at the front desk and get directions Meet Tyler at the #30 Bus stop at “La Jolla Shores & Poole Street” at 3pm Bring … Read more

Fledgling Summer!

fledg·ling [ˈflejliNG] NOUN A young bird that has just fledged. synonyms: chick · baby bird · nestling 2. Person or organization that is immature, inexperienced, or underdeveloped: “the fledgling democracies of eastern Europe” synonyms: emerging · emergent · sunrise · dawning    Every year, EC San Diego hosts fledglings during the summer. These are not young students, however; they are baby birds who are learning to fly! They have dropped off our roof onto the balcony. Their mothers are keeping watch over them until they are ready to fly away. To make sure they are safe, we will take these birds to a local wildlife shelter to give them time to practice their flying and keep them from walking on our street down below. Before we take them to the wildlife center, please make sure to keep our door closed and do not try to pet or play with them. Their mothers are very protective and will be very upset if you get close to them. However, You can enjoy them through the window!

Mastering English Classes in San Diego

The Graduating Class of Friday, March 18, 2016 celebrated the completion of their EC English classes in San Diego.  After marching in, the graduates walked up one-by-one to receive their certificates from EC San Diego’s Center Director, Martha Delgadillo. Once everyone received their certificates, Assistant Academic Director, Nick DiZinno, announced them official Graduates and they threw their caps in the air in celebration! Afterwards, they mingled, congratulated each other, and took photos with the friends they made while studying English at EC San Diego! We are proud of how far you’ve come, and we will miss you all! Congratulations on completing your English Classes in San Diego!

Field Trip to the Natural History Museum

Last Tuesday Fay’s Pre-Advanced Class took a field trip to The Natural History Museum in Balboa Park! They walked through the Mayan Exhibit, because art has been the main topic in class. Afterwards, they dined at Parado Restaurant and strolled through the Balboa Park. It was a perfect day and everybody enjoyed it. Just another reason that EC San Diego is a perfect place to Learn English in the US!

EC San Diego Student Testimonial-Marco

EC San Diego student Marco from Switzerland talks about his experience learning English in San Diego! I chose San Diego because I wanted to take a break from my University and wanted to go to the U.S.  It was very clear from the beginning that I wanted to go to San Diego. I visited as a small child and wanted to come back!  It is like a big city but still comfortable and familiar.  Most big cities are too busy and too stressed, and San DIego is in the perfect location to visit other cities. When I first came to EC I was in the general English program for 8 weeks, which was really nice because I had a chance to meet new people and get comfortable with learning English.  Mike was a great teacher because he didn’t teach from the book and was very creative. I am now a part of the Cambridge program and I like that it is very serious, structured and you can reach a goal.  You get to form a relationship with your teacher and classmates because you stay in the same class with the same group which makes it a nice learning environment. The best part about studying at EC San Diego is being a student ambassador!  This experience was great because I am a very social person and it was great to talk to new people every week and get to know everyone.  Sometimes it can be difficult to get new students to open up, but I like the challenge.  My plan is to try to stay in San Diego as long as I can.  There’s still so much more I want to do while I am here!

Surfing in San Diego!

San Diego is home to some world class surf breaks like Blacks Beach, Sunset Cliffs, and Trestles. With just a bus ride and short hike away, Blacks Beach is right in EC San Diego’s backyard! The large underwater canyon of its coast brings in some huge and heavy waves, which makes this spot the biggest in San Diego County. It is known for late drops and big outside sets, so you must be an advanced surfer to paddle out here. If that’s not you, Blacks is also a great destination to visit for a hike down the cliffs and a great day hanging out on this private beach. Sunset Cliffs is south of La Jolla in Ocean Beach, and it is known for its difficult paddle out as this spot is a rocky reef break. Trestles, on the other hand, is home to the annual Hurley Pro and is located at the most northern tip of San Diego County. This rocky beach break is considered by some as the most consistently shreddable wave in the world, and as a result it is always packed full of eager surfers. Join us for our first SURF CLUB session on Friday, September 11 at 8am! Are you a new surfer?  Don’t worry! Take a lesson with San Diego Surf School!      

Student Testimonial-Sujin Jo

Read below to find out why EC student Sujin Jo loves San Diego!   I chose to study at EC San Diego because it is a smaller city and I wanted live in a more peaceful and natural city. I also chose to study here because the weather is amazing.  I am an international law student in Korea and am in my final year of University, so it is very important that I improve my English.  I have been studying here for over 5 months and I think that I have improved a lot. I started at the pre intermediate level and I am currently in the upper intermediate, and I know that I will continue to improve.  So far, my favorite EC activity was volunteering at the beach clean- up because I met a lot of new friends and also got to volunteer. We got to play a lot of games as well as clean the beach!  I also like studying in San Diego because it is easy to visit other cities, and I can go to Los Angeles to visit friends, travel to Las Vegas, and go to the beach! While I am here I would also like to learn how to surf.   My new friends are from Brazil, Switzerland and Japan. I still keep in touch with all of the people who have met. I will visit my friends in Brazil for Carnival in February!  My favorite teacher is Mike because I have learned a lot from him and whenever I need help he is all willing to help and is very friendly and I feel like he is my friend. I also like Sylvia because she reminds me of my mother and I have learned a lot of writing skills from her!   I would advise students coming to San Diego to try to make friends … Read more