November Activity Calendar, 2014

Remember, Remember: It Now is November! EC San Diego’s NEW November Activity Calendar is now available! Check out the following activities and events that will take your full immersion English course to the next level: 1. November 5th: “Girl Talk” Activity & Class with Teacher Gina! “Venting” in English can be really fun, so sign up … Read more

EC San Diego May Birthdays! Time for Cupcakes!!

Make A Wish! Happy Birthday to all EC San Diego students born in the month of May!! Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Nasser Abdulrahman Mohammed Ahmed Eid Angelina Bruno S. Bruno C. Carla Celine B. Celine C. Dagvasuren Damian Desiree Dino Dongkue Eid Mohammed Fahad Mashal Fahad S. Faisal Muwaffaq Francisca Grace Helene Hyejung Ibrahim Nasser Jungtaek … Read more

Birthdays at EC San Diego

EC SAN DIEGO would like to wish a happy birthday to the following students: Abdulkarim A. Adel A. Aiman A. Anjo Bruna Christopher W. Corina Edith Fahad A. Ghali Gonzalo Jeongmi Jeremy Jihyun Jiwon Maiko Manuel Marina Mathias Moad A. Mohammed Aldo. Mohammed Als. Naif Olivia Saleh Samara Sarah Seiya Seonhyo Severina Stefan Vanessa Werner … Read more