Why ESL Students Need to Read…And Then Read Some More!

This is Daniel, EC San Diego’s AY (Academic Year) Coordinator and wordsmith-in-residence. Daniel also runs ECSD’s Library, located in Room 7 (2nd floor), where students can take out books &  audio recordings to improve their English –  or just for fun! Reading is an important a … Read more

When ECSD Teachers Travel the Globe!

   An important part of learning English as a student at ECSD is continually communicating (in English, of course) with those around you. One of the best ways to learn and improve English skills is to try talking about a personal passion. For many students, one of them is sharing about their own cul … Read more

A Rave Review of EC San Diego from Student Nadia!

Student Nadia W. gives ECSD five stars & this amazing testimonial about her experience learning English this summer! Thanks for the great feedback, Nadia. We do love what we do ♥! “I came to EC San Diego from Switzerland, the French part. I had previously gone to London EC, and for summer I thou … Read more

Get To Know ECSD Staff and Teachers As They Play The Question Game!

Get to know your ECSD staff members and teachers out of the classroom!  This week, EC San Diego staff and teachers played a “Question Game”, a game where each person is asked a series of random and fun questions about themselves. Questions range from inquiries about personal memories and … Read more

TOEFL San Diego: Providing the Best Exam Preparation for the Best TOEFL Score!!

EC San Diego offers the most effective TOEFL Exam Preparation courses for students looking to learn effective test-taking strategies and practice their academic and analytic English language skills. EC San Diego knows that the best way for students to improve TOEFL scores is to practice and refine a … Read more

Meet EC San Diego’s New Academic Intern Andrew!!!

This is Andrew, EC San Diego’s new Academic Intern!! Andrew began working in the Academic department at ECSD earlier this month, but has also tutored ECSD’s self-study since February of this year. Andrew loves working at EC San Diego – he particularly enjoys the fun, friendly atmos … Read more

EC San Diego Gets Technical – Meet ECSD’s Incredible IT Specialist Marsha!!

Learn English with every resource at your fingertips! Meet EC San Diego’s Feature Staff Member of the Month: Marsha Pool!! Marsha has worked at ECSD for five years as the center’s IT Applications Support – she is the reason ECSD students have unlimited access to Wifi and the abilit … Read more

Memorial Day

A reminder that Monday, May 25th is Memorial Day (formerly known as Decoration Day) a Federal holiday in the United States. Memorial Day falls on the last Monday in May and allows people to remember and honor all those men and women that died while in Military Service. EC San Diego will be closed an … Read more