Leap Into the New Year & Learn English with EC Special Offer, 2014!

Always wanted to learn English, but never seen the best opportunity? Thanks to EC’s special offer on English courses in 2014, you can finally take the leap & get a head start on the New Year – and your English resolutions. Pay 2013 prices for 2014 enrollment and save $100 or more on … Read more

Meet ECSD Teacher Adela: ESL Teacher AND Graduate Student!!

This fall, ECSD Teacher Adela Rahmati is going back to school for her Master’s degree while continuing to teach ESL at EC San Diego! Adela was kind enough to write a post for ECSD’s blog on why she is returning to school, and how being a teacher has helped her to become a better student … Read more

Top Tips For Improving Your English Language Skills!

EC San Diego offers a variety of opportunities for international students to learn English in the United States; from a basic General English course (20 lessons/week) to the TOEFL San Diego exam preparation course (30 lessons/week), students can study English at a challenging yet realistic pace base … Read more

Want An Amazing Experience Learning English in the US? Look No Further Than EC San Diego!!

EC San Diego teaches English to students from all over the world. As an English-only language program, ECSD excels in creating a nurturing and comfortable environment for students starting English as a Second Language on any level! Take it from a credible source – Shuichiro Narumi, an EC San D … Read more

Today is Earth Day

If you care about the climate and the environment, or maybe all things outdoors, then maybe Earth Day is likely very important to you. EC San Diego students and San Diegans celebrated early at Balboa Park. There were many events and celebrations around town yesterday. A parade at 10:30am kicked off … Read more

EC San Diego staff and students feed the Homeless

Our first “Feed the Homeless” event was incredible.  We had EC San Diego staff members and students attend.  The students were from a variety of countries such as; Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, and Switzerland.  It was great to both talk to this population as well as watch the students put together … Read more

Volunteer Outreach at Casa De Manana

Here at EC San Diego we do a lot of volunteer outreach in our community.  One monthly event we do is called “Dinner and Conversation.”  At this event between 4 to 7 students visit a local retirement community and eat dinner with the residents.  It is a great chance for the students who study the Eng … Read more