SFSU Presentation at EC San Diego

On Friday October 16th, 2015 an San Francisco State University representative visited EC San Diego in order to give a presentation on the merits of attending San Francisco State University.  SFSU is a great place for students to continue to Study English in the USA. See below for some facts on SFSU and hi-lights from the presentation! SFSU is located in northern California and is home to one of the most multicultural populations in the world, and as such is a great place for international students to continue their education. The University itself is located in a suburb 20 minutes away from downtown, so students have a chance to study and attend classes in a quiet peaceful neighborhood, but can still experience all of the nightlife, restaurants and cultural activities that downtown has to offer! SFSU is known for its community service learning and international education.  It has partnerships with various government, business and educational leaders in order to better the University and the community. In order to attend SFSU students must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA, a TOEFL score of 61 or IELTS score of 6.0 and an official transcript of all schools attended showing completions of courses. The top 10 majors at SFSU include; Business Admin, Computer Science, Engineering, Biology, Communication Studies, Psychology, International relations, Industrial Design/Arts, English/TESOL and Kinesiology. For more information on San Francisco State University!

EC San Diego students listen to their peers' presentations and take notes in English

EC San Diego: English Immersion and Community Outreach

At EC San Diego, we take pride in our ability to seamlessly merge learning English via the classroom with cultural immersion and community outreach. This philosophy and practice make our EC center the best English language school in San Diego! Every month, EC San Diego students have two fantastic opportunities to practice their English and give back to the local La Jolla community by sharing their lives with senior citizens at Casa de Mañana, a nearby retirement community.  On the third Wednesday of every month, students are invited to dinner at Casa de Mañana for a “Dinner & Conversation” event. During this event, Casa de Mañana residents host tables for EC students who enjoy a free, delicious meal while getting to know the residents and each other. The hosts at Casa enjoy the opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures, and the students get great experience talking to native English speakers and the opportunity to hear many fascinating stories.  A former student, Edilene Storti, who attended Casa in January said, “Being at Casa de Mañana was the most surprising and delightful experience I’ve had in San Diego. In my country, when it comes to visiting a retirement house, it’s usually sad to see that people who live there were, most of times, abandoned by their families. Casa de Mañana was different from my expectations; I could meet English speakers who were extremely interesting people full of joy and of life!” The day after the “Dinner and Conversation” event, students chosen by EC San Diego teachers and staff give presentations at Casa de Mañana about their home countries! Each month, more and more Casa residents come to listen to the presentations and learn about EC students’ home countries.  Giving a presentation is a great way for EC San Diego students to practice their presentation skills (in English, of course!) and … Read more

It’s Officially (US) Football Season!

      (Left) Teacher Wes giving his AY Presentation, (right) Wes takes an American Football player photo! Last week EC San Diego Teacher Wes gave a presentation about the game of American Football to our Academic Year students! In the US, football is not only a sport but also a tradition. Teacher Wes’ presentation focused on how “football” is common throughout the US, and for all age groups. There are teams for young children all the way to the NFL. It is played at every school, every college, and every university. A large part of our students’ full immersion US English program in the US is to learn about these types of tradition, and also to become part of them! So – not really certain how the game of “American Football” works? Then read the following introduction to the game, courtesy of Teacher Wes! RULES:  11 players from each team play at one time The offense has 4 downs (plays) to move the ball forward 10 yards The team must throw or run the ball from the ball from the line of scrimmage The line of scrimmage extends the width of the field from the location the ball is placed The defense can not go past the line of scrimmage until the offense begins the play At each end, there is an ‘End Zone’ and Field Goal Post – this is where you score points SCORING SYSTEM (POINTS) A touchdown is worth 6 points After a touchdown, the team can either kick a very short field goal worth 1 point or try and score again from 2 yards away for 2 points A field goal is worth 3 points regardless of the distance Ready to watch a Football game!?  

Spend September in San Diego!!

September is another great month of the year to be at EC San Diego! Our new September Activity & Tour Calendar is OUT! Get your copy at school to discover fun Fall 2014 events, activities, and trips – these will only add to students’ ESL learning in our full immersion English courses! **Please note that on Monday, September 1st, EC San Diego will be closed for the US Labor Day Holiday  Every Tuesday AND Thursday in September: We added another Conversation Class to our calendar! Learn new words in English & practice your conversation skills every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30pm! Sign up for Free Conversation Classes at the front desk. Every Wednesday at 12:15 and 1:30pm – Free ESL Pronunciation classes! Sign up now at EC San Diego’s front desk. September 3rd: Join our partner company American Host Tours for a Padres Game in Downtown San Diego! Tickets are $19 – get your ticket by completing the BLUE form at the front desk! September 7th: Join EC San Diego Teachers and Staff on Mission Beach for an “End-of-Summer” beach party and BBQ! All are welcome to attend this free event with EC! (Please bring food/drink to share, and if you want to grill please bring your own meat and/or vegetables.) September 20th: Our Volunteer opportunity this month is “Clean Up Mission Bay”! Everyone is invited to help clean our local beaches from 9am to 12pm. Please sign up to attend! Go to the meeting spot, Crowne Pointe Park, at 8:40am the day of this event. September 23rd, 24th, & 25th: AY Lecture Series on the “Peace Corps”. Please see Autumn in Room 7 for more information. September 28th: EC School Trip to the San Diego Zoo! Tickets are only $20 – get yours & directions at the front desk starting the week of September 8th! September’s almost here … Read more

English Proverbs 101: Witty & Wise Sayings

“A proverb is the wit of one, and the wisdom of many.” – Lord John Russell (British politician). Proverbs in English, or in any language, are short sayings that express popular beliefs that are based on common sense or the practical experience of humankind. ECSD teachers mix things up by teaching students the meanings behind things like proverbs – that way, students get to know American culture along with the language. Proverbs are often metaphorical (i.e., they use words/phrases that places ideas alongside others, suggesting a likeness) and thus have remained common & constant parts of our societies. ECSD wants our ESL students to immerse themselves in the life around them – and what better way than to know these proverbs? Here are some well-known & well-used American proverbs (that you have probably heard, too!): “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” When someone has done something bad to you, trying to get revenge will only make things worse. “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Trying to convince people with ideas and words is more effective than trying to force people to do what you want. “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” Act the way that the people around you are acting (in cultural circumstances). This phrase might come in handy when you’re traveling abroad – often people will do things differently than you’re used to. **EC San Diego favorite –  the perfect proverb for ESL students who study English abroad! “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Strong people don’t give up when they come across difficulty. They just work harder!! “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Pictures have that strange ability to create within us strong emotions. They can also carry messages that written explanations may not be able to describe.  

When ECSD Teachers Travel the Globe!

   An important part of learning English as a student at ECSD is continually communicating (in English, of course) with those around you. One of the best ways to learn and improve English skills is to try talking about a personal passion. For many students, one of them is sharing about their own culture. EC San Diego staff members and teachers work at ECSD because they love meeting new people & learning about new cultures. We are the students of our international students – they teach us as we teach them. Recently, several ECSD staff members & teachers traveled abroad. Here are a few quotes from their descriptions of where they went, what they did, and what they brought home with them to ECSD: Elisabeth Stallard, ECSD Student Counselor:  “I went to Maui [Hawaii] for one week with my boyfriend. We snorkeled and hiked and ate amazing sea food, but the moment that stands out the most during my trip is when we [my boyfriend and I] saw a sea turtle one day. It was after we had been out [snorkeling] for a while, watching lots of fish and a few eels darting back and forth through the water. Then, all of a sudden, we saw this turtle drifting from rock to rock and feeding on algae. I kind of don’t know how to say this…but we stopped and just hung in the water with him. It gave me such a calm feeling, and centered me in a way. Like all that existed was just this turtle, and me, and my boyfriend. We watched him for over 20 minutes, just not moving and then swam slowly with him. “Now I know, being back in San Diego, that it is okay to move slowly sometimes. It is okay to allow yourself to stop and … Read more

ESL Students Get Inspired With ECSD’s AY Lecture Series!

Enrolling in EC San Diego’s Academic Year Program is one the best ways ESL students can learn and improve their English language skills. ECSD provides all students with English classes, tutoring, and after-school activities, as well as daily free self-guided study. Students who wish to maximize their learning experience at ECSD often decide to register for the Academic Semester or Year (AY) Program. A unique feature of ECSD’s Academic Year Program is the AY Lecture Series, an on-campus event sponsored by EC San Diego staff and teachers. AY lectures occur 2 to 3 times a month, and bring lecturers from all over the USA to ECSD’s La Jolla campus. Each lecture provides students in the AY program an opportunity to improve English listening skills and learn about unique careers, activities, skills, and current events. The AY Series holds several lectures in the same day according to English class levels. Lectures are tailored not only to challenge students but also to inspire real interest in each lecture topic. Here are just a few of EC San Diego’s most recent AY lecturers and their topics: May 22, 2013: College Professor & ECSD Teacher Shalom M. Akili Presents “Motivation, or, How to Motivate Yourself to be Successful” June 12, 2013: ECSD student Bandar Alkhdafi Presents “How To Move From Beginner to Intermediate English in 6 Months” June 19, 2013: San Diego Police Officer Corporal Nel Garcia Presents “Safety in San Diego” July 17, 2013: Author and Former ECSD Teacher Nazli Ghassemi Presents “The English Language & Writing In A Global Culture” Why are these lectures important for AY students? Because they give students the chance to hone their English listening skills with real people speaking about real topics. Most English classes rely solely on pre-recorded CDs and tapes as an English listening tool; instead, the ECSD … Read more

Get A Crash Course on the History of the English Language!!

We learn it, we speak it, and we hear it everywhere – language, the universal constant in human communication.  The English language in particular has evolved into a globally accepted method for communicating with people in every nation around the world. From areas of academics to business to politics, a working knowledge of English can help you to succeed in the 21st century. What you learn at EC San Diego is not just “English” but a language formed out of a complex and diverse history, and now spoken throughout the world. Here are the ABC’s of the history of the English language: English as we know it today comes from the Indo-European Family of Languages, which also produced the modern romantic languages (e.g, French, German, and Spanish), Bengali and other Indian languages, as well as Swedish, Dutch, and Romanian (to name a few). English evolved in the early first millenium from West Germanic languages, becoming “Old English” from Low German. This is why English is often called “Anglo-Saxon” – in the 5th century, Germanic tribes that spoke Low German such as the Anglos, Saxons, and Visigoths invaded Western Europe replacing Latin and other indigenous languages with their own. Old English lasted from the 5th century until the 11th, when it became “Middle English”. The reason for the change from Old to Middle in historical terms was the invasion of the French into modern-day England. With England conquered, the French language replaced Old English as the national language – French nobles replaced the English in high ranking positions in government and society in general. As the poor remained Old English speakers, French words changed only certain aspects of the language, but those that did have remained as part of present day English. For instance, English speakers call the animal cow a … Read more

EC San Diego AY Lecture Series Presents: Partner College Visit from CIBU

Every month at EC San Diego, at least one of our partner Colleges or Universities comes to visit.  These presentations are open to all students who have a desire to study at an American College or University.  Whether you are looking for a certificate program, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree program, you can find the right one among EC’s many partner schools.  Application to 1 partner school , for either conditional or full acceptance, is free for all AY students.  If you are interested in EC’s UPS (University Placement Service), you are welcome to see Daniel, our AY coordinator, for more information. This week, our partner school California International Business University (CIBU) came to visit.  Speaker Susi Goodman presented on entrance requirements and the different majors that are offered at this local university. Some of the degree and non-degree programs offered at their school include: The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Science in International Management (MSIM) Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) TESOL Certification Business Fundamentals and Skills For more information, go to www.cibu.edu.

ECSD Students Speak English To Share Their Passion!!

Yesterday’s installment of EC San Diego’s student volunteer program ‘Country and Culture’ at local La Jolla retirement home Casa De Mañana was a smash hit! Five ECSD Japanese students presented on their country, sharing with ECSD staff, students, and Casa residents different aspects of the culture and history of Japan. This ‘Country and Culture’ presentation drew the largest audience the program has ever had, with over 35 students, 5 teachers, and 20 Casa residents in attendance. Each student presenting put in countless hours preparing their presentations. The Casa Presentation program not only allows students to share their culture with the community – it also allows them to practice and improve their English language skills in every area! The students worked on English reading skills while researching topics, refined their ability to write in English through their presentations, and practiced English pronunciation as they prepared to speak in front of an audience. The residents of Casa, all native English speakers, commented on the excellent quality of each student’s pronunciation skills! EC San Diego is so proud of the 5 students who presented yesterday! Thank you to these five students for all their hard work: Xiaochi Xie (Christina) – Festivals in Japan Koji Kobayashi – The Japanese Education System Saki Yabiku – Okinawa Mizue Sato – The Economics of Japan Marina Ueda – Japanese Beauty EC San Diego provides many opportunities to improve students’ English outside the classroom with an extensive activity and volunteer event calendar each month. “Country and Culture’ is just one of the many events sponsored by ECSD in which student can choose to participate. In particular, these monthly presentations allow ECSD students to improve their confidence in reading, writing, and speaking English; with practice and encouragement from staff and teachers, students feel confident and comfortable presenting to a large group … Read more