ECSD, Do You Know Halloween’s History?

At ECSD, Halloween is definitely not a holiday that is taken lightly. Witches, ghosts, spiders, webs, skeletons, and pumpkins – you name it, we have it, either hanging on the ceiling, creeping on the wall, or hiding behind the corner. For international students, celebrating Halloween at our En … Read more

What Are YOU Going To Be For Halloween, ECSD?

EC San Diego prides itself on having the best events for Halloween – who doesn’t love dressing in costumes & eating tons of candy? What’s more, ECSD’s yearly Halloween bash will be Thursday, October 31st, at La Jolla Cove! It wouldn’t be a real Halloween party witho … Read more

ECSD, Check out San Diego’s October Events!

With Fall well underway, San Diego begins to liven up even more than usual as we enter the last few months of the year.  Out of those months, October is one of those during which the city goes all out in celebrations. From Oktoberfests to Haunted Trails, there are tons of festivities – particu … Read more