EC San Diego Welcomes Back Lauren!

Lauren worked as a summer intern at EC last year and we are excited to have her back full time as a Student Services Coordinator! How did you decide to work at EC? I came to EC because I am interested in traveling and studying different cultures. Where are you from? I am born and raised in San Diego California. What countries have you visited? Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France, Tanzania! What do you like to do when you’re not working? I like to hang out with friends at the beach and try new foods. What’s your favorite place to eat in San Diego? Roberto’s taco shop! What advice can you give to students who are thinking of coming to San Diego? Become friends with locals because they can show you all the cool things to do! Don’t expect it to always be sunny! Bring clothes for all types of weather! Have you ever studied another language? Yes, I went to German school when I was younger! I also studied Spanish and French! What’s the most difficult thing about learning another language? Being able to speak confidently! I would always doubt myself, so my best advice to students would be to be confident and to always ask for help. What do you like about working at EC so far? Meeting all the cool new people from all over the world and hearing different accents every day! Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I see myself graduating college with a degree in nursing and traveling the world to visit all the new friends I am making here at EC! If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I would go to Morocco because it’s a very exotic place, and I have always wanted … Read more

EC Student Ambassador: Kento Higa

Hi!! My name is Kento Higa. I’m from Okinawa Japan [where] I was born and raised. I’m 21 years old. I’ve been in San Diego for three months and in my free time I like reading manga in English, listening to music, and playing basketball. My dream is to become an English teacher in Japan. I became a student ambassador at EC San Diego to improve my teaching skills, leadership experience and English skills. I thought it is a really good learning opportunity for me, so I accepted it. I want to join all EC’s events and I want to enjoy EC and the city of San Diego!! Of course, I want to improve my English. I’m going to give my best to be [a responsible] student ambassador, even though I’m not perfect. I hope all ambassadors will be good English speakers and we will able to have a great time in San Diego. Find out more about our incredible volunteer program at EC’s English language school in San Diego

November Events in San Diego!

Halloween has passed, and now the month of thankfulness is here! November always has lots going on, with Movember, Thanksgiving, and preemptive Winter Holiday buzz swirling around – and San Diego is diving headfirst into the end-of-year excitement! Because we want our international students to experience the best of San Diego (no matter what month of the year), we have compiled a list of November events happening around the city. Make sure to jot these down into your calendar, and get ready to hit the town! San Diego Asian Film Festival Date: November 7 – 15, 2013 Price: TBD The San Diego Asian Film Festival is one of the largest exhibitions for Asian international and Asian American films in the world. Over the course of nine days, different locations in the city – including North Park Birch Theatre, Digiplex Mission Valley Cinemas, Cinepolis, and MoPA – show documentaries, short films, and animations. Different events also take place almost everyday, including galas, receptions, and art shows, and live music. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Date: November 16 – December 28, 2013 Time: 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM Showtimes vary throughout the run of the production. Please visit The Old globe website for a complete list of performance times. Price: Tickets start at $2 Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! is a fanciful, fantastic musical based upon the classic Dr. Seuss book. The Old Globe Theatre will be transformed into a real-life Whoville just in time for the holidays. Grab your ticket and enjoy a night of music and merry-making! 2013 San Diego Bay Wine & Food Date: November 18 – 24, 2013 Price: $45 – $200 The 10th Annual San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival welcomes 9,000 fellow wine and food enthusiasts, along with winemakers, brewmasters, 70 of San Diego’s top chefs, … Read more

Meet ECSD Teacher Adela: ESL Teacher AND Graduate Student!!

This fall, ECSD Teacher Adela Rahmati is going back to school for her Master’s degree while continuing to teach ESL at EC San Diego! Adela was kind enough to write a post for ECSD’s blog on why she is returning to school, and how being a teacher has helped her to become a better student for graduate school! “I am going to graduate school at Alliant International University in San Diego to earn my Master’s Degree in Education in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). My dream is to one day become a college professor, and this Master’s is the first step toward that dream. I love teaching English mechanics and grammar at EC San Diego, so I would like to continue with TESOL well into the future. I still don’t know what will materialize for me because, well, life often throws in other factors…that weigh in on any important decision. As for right now, I [will] continue teaching English at EC San Diego for some time, and eventually will begin teaching a college-level English preparatory course to transition into higher education. Being a teacher has definitely helped me be a better student! Now I know that if I listen to the teacher, read everything carefully, ask questions when I don’t understand something, and work hard, I will earn an A in the class. There are no “tricks” to learning and getting good grades. Being a teacher has helped me understand that there reasons for everything that is done in the classroom. What I mean is, is that what you or I as students do under a teacher’s instruction always has significant purpose and has been thought out by the instructor with care and rationale. I also know that I can question my teachers and that everything is transparent, … Read more

ESL Students Get Inspired With ECSD’s AY Lecture Series!

Enrolling in EC San Diego’s Academic Year Program is one the best ways ESL students can learn and improve their English language skills. ECSD provides all students with English classes, tutoring, and after-school activities, as well as daily free self-guided study. Students who wish to maximize their learning experience at ECSD often decide to register for the Academic Semester or Year (AY) Program. A unique feature of ECSD’s Academic Year Program is the AY Lecture Series, an on-campus event sponsored by EC San Diego staff and teachers. AY lectures occur 2 to 3 times a month, and bring lecturers from all over the USA to ECSD’s La Jolla campus. Each lecture provides students in the AY program an opportunity to improve English listening skills and learn about unique careers, activities, skills, and current events. The AY Series holds several lectures in the same day according to English class levels. Lectures are tailored not only to challenge students but also to inspire real interest in each lecture topic. Here are just a few of EC San Diego’s most recent AY lecturers and their topics: May 22, 2013: College Professor & ECSD Teacher Shalom M. Akili Presents “Motivation, or, How to Motivate Yourself to be Successful” June 12, 2013: ECSD student Bandar Alkhdafi Presents “How To Move From Beginner to Intermediate English in 6 Months” June 19, 2013: San Diego Police Officer Corporal Nel Garcia Presents “Safety in San Diego” July 17, 2013: Author and Former ECSD Teacher Nazli Ghassemi Presents “The English Language & Writing In A Global Culture” Why are these lectures important for AY students? Because they give students the chance to hone their English listening skills with real people speaking about real topics. Most English classes rely solely on pre-recorded CDs and tapes as an English listening tool; instead, the ECSD … Read more

Get A Crash Course on the History of the English Language!!

We learn it, we speak it, and we hear it everywhere – language, the universal constant in human communication.  The English language in particular has evolved into a globally accepted method for communicating with people in every nation around the world. From areas of academics to business to politics, a working knowledge of English can help you to succeed in the 21st century. What you learn at EC San Diego is not just “English” but a language formed out of a complex and diverse history, and now spoken throughout the world. Here are the ABC’s of the history of the English language: English as we know it today comes from the Indo-European Family of Languages, which also produced the modern romantic languages (e.g, French, German, and Spanish), Bengali and other Indian languages, as well as Swedish, Dutch, and Romanian (to name a few). English evolved in the early first millenium from West Germanic languages, becoming “Old English” from Low German. This is why English is often called “Anglo-Saxon” – in the 5th century, Germanic tribes that spoke Low German such as the Anglos, Saxons, and Visigoths invaded Western Europe replacing Latin and other indigenous languages with their own. Old English lasted from the 5th century until the 11th, when it became “Middle English”. The reason for the change from Old to Middle in historical terms was the invasion of the French into modern-day England. With England conquered, the French language replaced Old English as the national language – French nobles replaced the English in high ranking positions in government and society in general. As the poor remained Old English speakers, French words changed only certain aspects of the language, but those that did have remained as part of present day English. For instance, English speakers call the animal cow a … Read more

Top Tips For Improving Your English Language Skills!

EC San Diego offers a variety of opportunities for international students to learn English in the United States; from a basic General English course (20 lessons/week) to the TOEFL San Diego exam preparation course (30 lessons/week), students can study English at a challenging yet realistic pace based on their incoming level of proficiency. Students at EC San Diego improve their English language skills to such a great extent that English becomes a part of their daily routine at school and at home. But what about when your courses are over, and you are no longer immersed in American English culture? How do you maintain your new English language abilities when there is no longer an ESL instructor in front of you and a white board that says “English Only”? Here are a few tips from EC San Diego teachers, staff and students about how to keep up your English: Make an effort to read English newspapers online (like The Huffington Post) or try reading a few pages or a chapter of a book written by a native English speaker. Remember to choose fiction or non-fiction works that are not instructional – enjoy what you’re reading! Oftentimes, books translated into English do not have the same phrases or meanings as the original book.  Try to translate words you hear or say in your native language into English. Do you remember the right English word? Is it on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t quite grasp it? Making an effort to try translating words or phrases into English helps to solidify ESL learners’ confidence in using those words or phrases. Translating in your head also helps to keep the language part of your brain active! Keep a notebook of English words and phrases you especially like or find useful, and want … Read more

Student shares her experience at EC San Diego Language School

Kahye has been studying English at EC San Diego for the past 8 weeks.  We sat down with her and she shared the following with us: “In my opinion, if people who are Asian and want to meet variety friend at shool have to choose EC School! Since I came to EC School, I have met my lovely friends. Also, it’s good for me to speak English with them. Overall I’m very satisfied about business class, because I’m learning real case study. I’m really appreciated for everything. Every teacher treat me very kindly and sincery. It makes me comfortable to speak English even though I’m not perfect. Anyway I love this school. I’ll never forget my moment about here.”

Happy Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly known as Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world. This is a special day to remember and celebrate the people we love, and always remember to include yourself. Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about couples. If you’ve got love in your heart and want to share it with someone, it doesn’t mean that someone has to be a lover! Students at EC language school in San Diego will be visiting a retirement home today and bringing with them hand-crafted Valentine’s Day cards to the residents.