EC San Diego Student Testimonial – Kevin Baggenstos

  Why did you choose this destination? To be honest, I was rather lucky to have been given the great opportunity to join this outstanding language school. Before I came to San Diego I was three months at EC Los Angeles. In LA they did not offer the Cambridge Proficiency Course so I decided to go to San Diego, where they offer this challenging course. What did you learn? During my time here in San Diego I have learned a lot of vocabulary and also refreshed my grammar. Not only do I have extraordinarily good teachers but also good classmates, who are willing to learn and teach. Also I was able to improve my organization skills as a student ambassador and I got to learn a plethora of different cultures. How much did you improve? I went from advance to proficient and can say that I highly improved in less than 4 months. What was your favorite EC activity? My favorite activity is, and will always be, soccer. We also will have the opportunity to play against other language schools, which is nice. It boosts the spirit as a school and who does not like to win a trophy? What did you like most about the school/lessons? My teacher ( I can only speak for myself) were highly qualified and never failed to teach me more. In the beginning I thought my writing was good, but my teacher taught me better and now I know what kind of level I really have to achieve. Also I like how the electives are organized. You always have enough break to enjoy lunch or you have all the lessons in a row so you are free afterwards. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Having heard about other schools from several friends I … Read more

EC San Diego Student Testimonial: Seo Youn Choi (Selena)

“Hello, this is Seo Youn Choi from Korea, but please, call me Selena! I’ve been here at San Diego EC for over 11 months and I would like to share my wonderful experiences at EC! Since I’ve been with EC, my English has been much improved. My first class was Intermediate and now I’m in TOEFL class which is one of the highest level[s] in EC. Since EC has various levels, not only does it evaluate students effectively, but also it makes us motivated! Moreover, EC has a wonderful location and the kindest staff including the teachers. EC San Diego is located near La Jolla Cove, which has the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. All of the EC staff welcome[s] students with bright smiles, so I also treat them as my famil[y].” “Lastly, I’ve met so many different people, made hundreds of good friends and learned [about] a lot of cultures through EC. Before I came to EC, I didn’t know anything about other cultures, but EC made me more confident in trying new things and making new friends. During the time that I’ve spent with EC, I became [a] more mature person. I extremely appreciate all of EC’s kindness and efforts – I won’t be able to forget my EC San Diego life. Truly, I hope [for] us [all to] be together again someday. Thank you, EC!” Thank you, Selena, for your incredible review of our center! We are so happy to know that you enjoyed your experience at the best English language school in San Diego, EC San Diego!

Student Soraya’s Guide to EC and San Diego!

Soraya Silva came to us from Brazil in January and spent two weeks participating in EC San Diego’s General English course at the Upper Intermediate level.  Read what this incredible and intelligent lady has to say about her EC experience:  Hi everybody! I`m going to talk a little about my trip to San Diego in California. Well to begin, I want to introduce the city. It is a very big and different city. It has a lot of magnificent beaches like Pacific Beach or La Jolla Beach. You can rest on the sand, lie in the sun, get a tan, ride bicycles, have ice cream and so on. Indeed, we have a lot of things to do at in San Diego on a sunny day. But if you want to see big buildings and witness the city world, you should go Downtown.   You can always find interesting things and places to visit. For example, Balboa Park is a huge park with lots of trees and flowers. You can have a relaxing picnic with your friends under one of these big trees. And the most interesting thing is that you can find several museums inside this park. When I was there, I visited the National History Museum and I could see the Discovery King Tut and feel the atmosphere of Egypt during the pre-historic times. Near this park, there is very famous place called the San Diego Zoo. You can find many different animals that we do not have in Brazil. I loved to see the Koala Bears. They are so cute!! And the Flamingos, too. They look like someone painted them with a bright pink colored pencil Another place worth speaking about is Old Town San Diego. When you arrive there, it’s like being in a Western movie. You see old houses … Read more

EC Student Ambassador: Kento Higa

Hi!! My name is Kento Higa. I’m from Okinawa Japan [where] I was born and raised. I’m 21 years old. I’ve been in San Diego for three months and in my free time I like reading manga in English, listening to music, and playing basketball. My dream is to become an English teacher in Japan. I became a student ambassador at EC San Diego to improve my teaching skills, leadership experience and English skills. I thought it is a really good learning opportunity for me, so I accepted it. I want to join all EC’s events and I want to enjoy EC and the city of San Diego!! Of course, I want to improve my English. I’m going to give my best to be [a responsible] student ambassador, even though I’m not perfect. I hope all ambassadors will be good English speakers and we will able to have a great time in San Diego. Find out more about our incredible volunteer program at EC’s English language school in San Diego

EC San Diego Welcomes Jenn Sweeney!

Hi Everyone! My name is Jenn and I’m the new Home Stay Coordinator at EC San Diego. I am looking forward to working with EC students and staff, as well as our amazing host families! I grew up in the ‘Wine Country‘ area of Northern California and have traveled, worked and lived in various parts of the world including Ireland and Hong Kong. Fun Facts About Me: 1) I have lived in 3 countries and traveled throughout 20 different countries in the past 6 years. 2) I won a trip to Jamaica on the Ellen DeGeneres show. 3) I have dyed my hair black, blonde, red, purple, burgundy and brown. 4) I am the youngest of three girls. 5) I have an addiction to coffee. 6) I have gone sky diving. 7) I am terrified of clowns. 8) My favorite show is “How I met your Mother.” 9) One of my favorite bands is Dave Matthews Band and I have seen them in concert 11 times. 10) I have a tattoo of a world map on my arm. I love interacting with people from all around the world and am excited for this incredible opportunity to work at EC San Diego. I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you! Find out more about learning English in San Diego.          

EC San Diego Presents: “S’up Bro?” An Intro to Slang

Slang is a way to express your thoughts in an informal way. Listed below are some trendy American Phrases and their meaning. “Catch some rays”:    Definition: Getting some sunshine. Example: I’m going to the beach to catch some rays. “You’re the real MVP.” (Most Valuable Player):  Definition: A way to congratulate someone. Example: You forgot your wallet at home and you’re out to dinner. Your friend Kevin pays. “Kevin, you’re the real MVP.” “Bae”: Definition: Acronym for ‘before anyone else’ (used interchangeably with babe). Example: “Bae, I love you so much” “That escalated quickly”: Definition: Describes a situation that goes from calm to crazy in a matter of seconds. Example: You’re relaxing on the beach, and all the sudden a huge wave comes and drags you into the water. “Well, that escalated quickly.” “Turnt”: Definition: Under the influence of alcohol; hype for a party. Example: “Bassmnt got so turnt last night” “Killin’ it!”  Definition: When you do something extremely well. Example: “I was killin’ it during that exam – thanks to my courses at EC San Diego!” “Awkward turtle”:  Definition: A way to describe an uncomfortable situation. Example: “I met that girl last night at a party, but I didn’t remember her name. Awkward turtle.” “Keep it 100”:  Definition: To be true to yourself no matter the circumstance. Example: You don’t have to like my life choices. I’m going to keep it 100, no matter what. “Selfie”:  Definition: A photo taken of one’s self. This term became very popular because of a song by The Chainsmokers. Example: “….but first let me take a selfie.” “Sup”:  Definition: Slang for “What’s up?” another way to ask what is new with someone. Example: Bob: “Hey, sup?” Sally: “Not much, just hanging out.”  “Bro”:  Definition: A friend, commonly used in greetings. Example: “What’s up bro?” These … Read more

EC San Diego’s New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!! Can you believe it’s already 2015!?  EC San Diego staff share their #1 resolution for the year 2015! We are ready to challenge ourselves and accomplish more in 2015, just like our English language students! Let’s take a look at EC San Diego’s resolutions for the new year!  Heather Academic Director: Take more time off and eat healthier. Nick ADOS: Do some good exercise at least once a week. Travel to a country I have never been to. Andrew Academic Assistant: Learn time management skills and read more books. Martha Center Director: Be healthier and join dance class. Autumn Academic Year Coordinator: Cut back on drinking Dr. Pepper and eating junk food. Akira Student Volunteer: Stop smoking cigarettes. Karen CSR Champsion, Teacher: Stop biting my nails. Lykai Operations Manager: Find a way to help as many people as I can. Izzy Student Services Counselor: Have good posture! Elle Student Services Support: Discover my passions and grow as a person. Brittany Residence Coordinator: Drink more water and spend less money. Mike A Teacher: Not to shave my beard. Jenny Lead Teacher: Spend more quality time with my family. Sophie Student Services Counselor: Become fluent in the Spanish language. Jen Host Family Coordinator: Stop buying wine instead of groceries. These are good examples of resolutions YOU can make to start off your new year!

Actress Sara Corrales Shares Her EC San Diego Experience

For the past nine weeks, EC San Diego had the pleasure of getting to know Colombian actress and model, Sara Corrales. From Day 1, we were greeted with Sara’s beautiful smile and boisterous personality. Her love for life and learning brought a positive energy to our center, for both students and the staff! Sara’s career consists of countless roles in television series, soap operas, and film. She is currently living in Mexico City working on her next dramatic soap opera series called “El Senor de los Cielos”. However, Sara claims that her favorite acting roles lie within comedy. Although difficult to master, she says that playing a comedic role feels less like work and more like fun! Aside from her acting career, Sara has many other personal goals she would like to accomplish within her lifetime, one of them being to learn English. At first, Sarah was nervous to start learning English in the US, but soon after her arrival to EC San Diego, she knew she had made the right decision. Looking back on the past two months, Sarah has greatly improved her speaking abilities. “Each day I feel more comfortable with English. When you notice the difference from the first day [up until] now, you want to improve more.” Sara has also gained more confidence in practicing her English with native speakers. “Now I don’t feel afraid when people speak with me!” Sara left EC today with just as much enthusiasm as when she arrived: “I love EC! I love the activities! All the teachers and staff are nice. It was the best decision!”~ Thank you for sharing your story with us, Sara! We hope to see you back at EC San Diego next year!

November Activity Calendar, 2014

Remember, Remember: It Now is November! EC San Diego’s NEW November Activity Calendar is now available! Check out the following activities and events that will take your full immersion English course to the next level: 1. November 5th: “Girl Talk” Activity & Class with Teacher Gina! “Venting” in English can be really fun, so sign up at the front desk ladies!! 2. November 8th: 18+ Concert “Audien” at the House of Blues!  This 18+ concert will be held in one of San Diego’s BEST venues, the House of Blues! Tickets are $20 – please go to front desk for more information. 3. November 11th: No School – EC Closed for National Veteran’s Day Holiday! Tuesday’s an off day, everyone! 4. November 12th: “Guy Talk” Activity with Teacher JJ! Meet JJ outside EC at 6:15PM. Please bring money — the “talk” will take place at a local restaurant of JJ’s choosing! Sign up in the white binder at the Front Desk! 5. November 13th: Start Celebrating Thanksgiving By (you guessed it) Giving Thanks! Come to the front desk to fill your thankful feather: “I am thankful for _______”… 6. November 20th: EC Soccer Game At The Cove — Team E vs. Team C! Go the front desk to sign your name and choose a team letter. Everyone will meet Student Counselor Ell at the front desk at 1:15pm. All are welcome to join when they can! 7. November 23rd: EC Trip to the San Diego Zoo! Sign up and pay at the front desk – $20, cash only. Remember to ask for directions!! 8. November 25th: Pajama Day at EC! Wear your comfiest nighttime attire to school in celebration of Fall – and sleeping! 9. November 26th: Pumpkin Pie Social at EC! Free pie and whipped cream for all from 12:45 – 1:30pm in the … Read more

Student Testimonial: Mustafa Felimban!

Mustafa with his California State Flag Mustafa has been a student at EC San Diego for 2 years! Friday October 10th was his last day at school, and we were very sad to see him go. Read below to see what he has to say about his experience as a student with EC English Language Centers in San Diego: “Hi, my name is Mustafa. I am 19 years old, from Saudi Arabia, and have been at EC San Diego for almost 2 years! I came to EC as a Beginner student, and I am leaving as a High Intermediate level student! “I chose EC San Diego first because [of] the weather, the beaches, and stayed in my EC San Diego English course because the people here. They are so friendly! My favorite part of EC were the classes and teachers – they are great! I also made a lot of friends from different countries, who I will keep in touch with for a long time. “Obviously, I will miss my second family here at EC. I grew up here, I came here when I was 18 years old. I will miss everything. “To all you thinking of coming to EC…EC San Diego is the best. You will make a lot of friends and you will improve your English.  And you will enjoy it!” Mustafa returned to Saudi Arabia, and hopes to come back to attend an American university in California. Thank you, Mustafa! We hope to see you soon!!