Take Advantage of EC’s One-to-One ESL Courses!

Teacher Alec helps student Jennifer to improve her English listening, an important skill that Jennifer wanted to cover during her one-to-one ESL lesson at EC The idea behind EC’s individual English lessons is simple. These “one-to-one”s provide students with the opportunity to learn English and take part in developing personal lesson plans alongside their teachers. Individual English courses benefit every ESL learner no matter their English level. One-to-ones are the most flexible and personal courses available at EC San Diego. Why? Because one-to-ones can accommodate your schedule and they are tailored to your personal ESL goals. Know English vocabulary but don’t understand the difficult (and often confusing) aspects of English sentence structures? Spend a one-to-one lesson on English grammar and syntax! Because of the personalized nature of EC San Diego’s individualized English courses, you the student can choose which subjects you want covered!! EC students (brother and sister) Yves and Christina take one-to-one lessons together in order to practice together at home!  One-to-one English lessons allow for a flexibility that is does not come with EC’s regular Core English courses. You can go off topic during lessons, change what subjects are covered according to their needs, and also schedule one-to-ones to compliment their availability. A popular option at EC San Diego is enrollment in a General English group course along with one-to-one lessons. This method of ESL learning allows you to develop English in both interactive and personalized settings. Individual English courses at EC San Diego are available in 2, 5, or 10-lesson packages per week. These one-to-ones are perfect for ESL students like you who want to greatly improve their English over a short period of time. Learn English in the ways that you want to learn English – at EC San Diego!  

English Pronunciation Tips & Tricks!

  Learning a new language is learning a new way to communicate with those around you. At ECSD, students are given an academic foundation for communicating successfully in English – by speaking it!! So how do you actually say all these new English words and phrases? Here are a few tips & tricks for ESL students: 1. Slow it down!! Students that try to hurry through their words lose the basic essence of what it is they are trying to say. We want our students to pace themselves according to their level and their ability to form new sounds articulately. If you speed through English words, try to listen as you do so: you will realize that you can’t even understand yourself! Slowing down also means taking pronunciation step-by-step: try single sounds, then words, & then finally a string of words together, or “phrase”. 2. It’s All in the Lips! Pronouncing English words means teaching your mouth new ways to move while using different muscles. Each day brings new challenges for every ESL student. Having trouble with [p]?  To make the [p] sound, have your two lips touching and blow out some air. As strange as this may be, try then practicing those [p]s with words that are familiar to you, such as Put, Play, Pie, or Pray.  3. Put On Some American Pop Songs!! Love listening to Gaga, Britney, or JT? Get going with your English pronunciation practice by turning up the tunes and singing along with American pop stars. Singing can be calming and fun – & the music helps to remember the sounds of the words (lyrics). 4. Get A Practice Pal. Feedback is key for students who want to know how they sound. So find a friend who can give good feedback about your English pronunciation skills. And your … Read more

Get A Crash Course on the History of the English Language!!

We learn it, we speak it, and we hear it everywhere – language, the universal constant in human communication.  The English language in particular has evolved into a globally accepted method for communicating with people in every nation around the world. From areas of academics to business to politics, a working knowledge of English can help you to succeed in the 21st century. What you learn at EC San Diego is not just “English” but a language formed out of a complex and diverse history, and now spoken throughout the world. Here are the ABC’s of the history of the English language: English as we know it today comes from the Indo-European Family of Languages, which also produced the modern romantic languages (e.g, French, German, and Spanish), Bengali and other Indian languages, as well as Swedish, Dutch, and Romanian (to name a few). English evolved in the early first millenium from West Germanic languages, becoming “Old English” from Low German. This is why English is often called “Anglo-Saxon” – in the 5th century, Germanic tribes that spoke Low German such as the Anglos, Saxons, and Visigoths invaded Western Europe replacing Latin and other indigenous languages with their own. Old English lasted from the 5th century until the 11th, when it became “Middle English”. The reason for the change from Old to Middle in historical terms was the invasion of the French into modern-day England. With England conquered, the French language replaced Old English as the national language – French nobles replaced the English in high ranking positions in government and society in general. As the poor remained Old English speakers, French words changed only certain aspects of the language, but those that did have remained as part of present day English. For instance, English speakers call the animal cow a … Read more

Free Afternoon Lessons

This is Ronnel again!  I will be conducting a 2-part class for creating your very own EC San Diego profile, just like the one I made!  The first class is tomorrow, 2/19 from 3:00-4:15PM and the second is a week later on 2/26 at the same time.  Everyone is welcome to “Meet me in SUN Diego!” Space is limited so don’t hesitate to sign up at the Academic Desk.

Free Afternoon Lessons

This Thursday (12th February), intermediate + level students are invited to join our Pronunciation Club with Doug. Sign up at the Academic Desk if you would like to join.

Free Afternoon Lessons

Once a week we are offering a free afternoon lesson to all students. This week we are offering coffee and conversation. All students are welcome at all levels, all you have to do is sign up at the Academic Desk if you wish to participate.