Take Advantage of EC’s One-to-One ESL Courses!

Teacher Alec helps student Jennifer to improve her English listening, an important skill that Jennifer wanted to cover during her one-to-one ESL lesson at EC The idea behind EC’s individual English lessons is simple. These “one-to-one”s provide students with the opportunity to lear … Read more

English Pronunciation Tips & Tricks!

  Learning a new language is learning a new way to communicate with those around you. At ECSD, students are given an academic foundation for communicating successfully in English – by speaking it!! So how do you actually say all these new English words and phrases? Here are a few tips &am … Read more

Get A Crash Course on the History of the English Language!!

We learn it, we speak it, and we hear it everywhere – language, the universal constant in human communication.  The English language in particular has evolved into a globally accepted method for communicating with people in every nation around the world. From areas of academics to business to … Read more

Free Afternoon Lessons

This is Ronnel again!  I will be conducting a 2-part class for creating your very own EC San Diego profile, just like the one I made!  The first class is tomorrow, 2/19 from 3:00-4:15PM and the second is a week later on 2/26 at the same time.  Everyone is welcome to “Meet me in SUN Diego!&#822 … Read more

Free Afternoon Lessons

This Thursday (12th February), intermediate + level students are invited to join our Pronunciation Club with Doug. Sign up at the Academic Desk if you would like to join.

Free Afternoon Lessons

Once a week we are offering a free afternoon lesson to all students. This week we are offering coffee and conversation. All students are welcome at all levels, all you have to do is sign up at the Academic Desk if you wish to participate.