Student Testimonials-EC San Diego

Every so often the staff at EC San Diego like to take the time to speak with our students to find out how they are enjoying their stay. This month we spoke with Swiss students Marco Wyssbrod and Patrick Buechi to find out what they think about their experiences learning English at EC San Diego!  Read below to see what they had to say! I transferred to EC San Diego from EC Boston because of the great weather in San Diego. I have learned a lot in the EC San Diego Cambridge program already and really enjoy my teachers, Wes & Mo [Marilyn]. My teachers are really funny and care a lot about the students. Mo even brings snacks for her class at least twice a week! At school there is always a great, friendly atmosphere. I am also satisfied with my apartment and the Pacific Beach location which is very near to the beach.              -Marco Wyssbrod My first thought is how amazing it is that EC  San Diego is very international with lots of students from different countries. I am in the TOEFL program with Mike C and John Kim are awesome teachers. I am here three months, and if they were always my teachers my English would improve so much! My favorite places in San Diego are La Jolla Shores for surfing and the Burger Lounge. I like meeting and talking to people. In just one week, I have met Arab, Brazilian, Swiss, and Italian students. I have a really nice Host Family. They have a big house and they are really good. I like them.  -Patrick Buechi

Actress Sara Corrales Shares Her EC San Diego Experience

For the past nine weeks, EC San Diego had the pleasure of getting to know Colombian actress and model, Sara Corrales. From Day 1, we were greeted with Sara’s beautiful smile and boisterous personality. Her love for life and learning brought a positive energy to our center, for both students and the staff! Sara’s career consists of countless roles in television series, soap operas, and film. She is currently living in Mexico City working on her next dramatic soap opera series called “El Senor de los Cielos”. However, Sara claims that her favorite acting roles lie within comedy. Although difficult to master, she says that playing a comedic role feels less like work and more like fun! Aside from her acting career, Sara has many other personal goals she would like to accomplish within her lifetime, one of them being to learn English. At first, Sarah was nervous to start learning English in the US, but soon after her arrival to EC San Diego, she knew she had made the right decision. Looking back on the past two months, Sarah has greatly improved her speaking abilities. “Each day I feel more comfortable with English. When you notice the difference from the first day [up until] now, you want to improve more.” Sara has also gained more confidence in practicing her English with native speakers. “Now I don’t feel afraid when people speak with me!” Sara left EC today with just as much enthusiasm as when she arrived: “I love EC! I love the activities! All the teachers and staff are nice. It was the best decision!”~ Thank you for sharing your story with us, Sara! We hope to see you back at EC San Diego next year!

Student Testimonial: Mustafa Felimban!

Mustafa with his California State Flag Mustafa has been a student at EC San Diego for 2 years! Friday October 10th was his last day at school, and we were very sad to see him go. Read below to see what he has to say about his experience as a student with EC English Language Centers in San Diego: “Hi, my name is Mustafa. I am 19 years old, from Saudi Arabia, and have been at EC San Diego for almost 2 years! I came to EC as a Beginner student, and I am leaving as a High Intermediate level student! “I chose EC San Diego first because [of] the weather, the beaches, and stayed in my EC San Diego English course because the people here. They are so friendly! My favorite part of EC were the classes and teachers – they are great! I also made a lot of friends from different countries, who I will keep in touch with for a long time. “Obviously, I will miss my second family here at EC. I grew up here, I came here when I was 18 years old. I will miss everything. “To all you thinking of coming to EC…EC San Diego is the best. You will make a lot of friends and you will improve your English.  And you will enjoy it!” Mustafa returned to Saudi Arabia, and hopes to come back to attend an American university in California. Thank you, Mustafa! We hope to see you soon!!

Student Testimonial: Mariana Angotti!

Mariana Angotti came to EC San Diego for one month of vacation time, and spent her entire stay participating in an EC full immersion English course. Read her review of our school below, and to find out why she loved her time here & never wants to leave! “I love this school, and the people here. “I am in the Intermediate class, Core A. My teachers are Sylvia and Chelsea – both are so great, I am so happy with them as my teachers! The English classes are better than I ever expected. “And I am completely in love with this city [San Diego] and the EC language school. I never want to leave! “I am going to go back to Brazil this weekend [where] I am a food engineer with Dannon company. I work in research and development to find new and better packaging [for food]. I came here for one month of vacation, and have improved my English and met many new friends. “I recommend EC San Diego to everyone back home and everywhere else, too!” Thank you for this amazing review, Mariana. We hope to see you again soon!

Student Testimonial: Myungchul Choi

Myungchul came to EC USA from Korea. His goal? To greatly improve his English in just 6 months! Myungchul Choi has been a student at EC San Diego since August of this year. He is currently enrolled in our Academic Year program for 24 weeks, and is excited to have the chance to really improve his English skills over the next few months! Read below to find out what Myungchul has to say about his full immersion English course experience with EC San Diego!! “When I arrived at EC San Diego my first day, I didn’t know anything. But my teachers and my friends taught me to speak more English, and they taught me about San Diego. I like my teachers a lot – they are very nice. “I really like La Jolla, where school is everyday. I am here every day, and I m always speak[ing] English! “Best part of my experience here? I think the best part is the EC education. When I studied English in Korea I just studied grammar. No speaking. “But now I can practice speaking all the time, and learn grammar and pronunciation!” Myungchul is planning to go to our EC Los Angeles English Language Center next month to continue his Academic Year English studies – and maybe check out Hollywood, too! Thank you, Myunchul, for being such an amazing student – we can’t wait to see where you’ll go next!  

Student Testimonial: Ayano Wakabayashi

“I don’t want to leave tomorrow, I wish I could stay in San Diego forever,” stated Ayano Wakabayashi, twenty-seven year old student, who is originally from Japan. Ayano has been at EC San Diego for a year now, and has been enrolled in the Semi-Intensive program. While Ayano attended College in Japan, she studied English as her major. While in college she always wanted to study abroad in America, and really emerge her self into the culture. After she graduated College, she decided she wanted to start her own  tourism company. Discovering this, she realized she would need to know more English. This is what drove her to enroll in English Courses at EC San Diego. Ayano went on to say that “San Diego is the best city in the world, the people here are awesome and are very kind. I like that it’s not just the people at EC that are nice but everyone in the city.” While in San Diego Ayano enjoyed it’s many beautiful beaches, ventured the theme parks such as Seaworld, and met a lot of new friends. She went on to say how much she loved the diversity at EC San Diego, and how it has given her the desire to study all the different types of cultures and histories. When asked what Ayano liked about EC she replied, ” I liked that there are different levels and that the teachers are always willing to help. For a while I couldn’t move up to the next level, it was very frustrating. I showed the teachers that I did want to learn and progress. So many teachers, some who weren’t even my own began helping me, and giving me extra work so I could move up to the next level. With their help I was finally able … Read more

Student Testimonial: Kochin Yen!

  Twenty-year-old Kochin Yen, who also goes by “Olivia”, will be returning to Taiwan after finishing her English course at EC San Diego today. Olivia has taken our General English course for the past two months. She is a student who stands out because of her positive and helpful attitude! Here are a few words Olivia would like to share about her EC experience: “This is the first time I met many people from other countries.” This was Olivia’s first time visiting the United States. Her experience studying at EC was especially rewarding because of all the new things she learned about students from different cultures.   Olivia took advantage of her time in San Diego by visiting the beach, the Zoo, Sea World, and Old Town. Most importantly, she spent her time making memories with the friends she made here at EC! Olivia hopes that she and her new friends keep in touch. “I don’t want to stop our friendship. I want to practice our English, so we will [talk over] Skype!” Olivia loved taking classes with Teacher Sarah. “She’s really interesting and she really takes care of us. Sarah makes me feel like she’s my mother.” Lastly, Olivia recommends EC because of its global recognition. With eighteen English language centers located in five different countries, EC is a great place to study for anyone around the world!  

Words of Wisdom From Student Duckmyung Kim

Student Duckmyung Kim has been a student at EC San Diego since November 2013! He began as an Intermediate student and has now reached the Upper Intermediate level of English (the second highest!) here at school. Duckmyung chose EC San Diego English Language Center because he wanted to attend the best business English school in the US! Read what he has to say about his overall experience as an English student at EC San Diego: “I have learned a lot of various knowledge, as well as English, at EC school. When we studied about the current environmental situation of our world, I was shocked to find out that [human beings] have caused such harm to this beautiful Earth. “On the other side, I have also learned at EC that Technology, Science, Culture, the Arts, etc., have given us [people] the impulse to learn as much as we can! And for me, I had a great chance to learn as much as I could as a student at EC San Diego. “At EC I could meet new students, and my classes have lots of fun ones – we always kept practicing our English. All staff have always been very kind to me, and I would express my gratitude to them as well. Duckmyung with his Upper Int Class, April 18th 2014 “I deeply thank you for my esteemed teachers and my classmates, with whom I have spent many months. They all did their best to improve my English! Duckmyung with his class on February 14, 2014 “Learning English in San Diego was a really great experience, and I believe it will remain in my memory quite a while.”  

An Amazing Review of EC San Diego, from student Lavinia A.!

 Lavinia is a current student at EC San Diego. She is enrolled in our TOEFL exam prep course! Lavinia came to study English in the USA from her home in Italy, where she will return after completing her EC program. Read what she has to say about her experience at EC San Diego: “I would recommend EC to everyone! I’ve been at EC San Diego for three weeks only, but I feel so happy and thankful for this opportunity that I wish I could stay here for months. “I’ve never been in a school like this before, it’s awesome! [Students] have the opportunity to improve their English speaking with skilled, friendly teachers and other international students from all over the world. The full immersion English program has helped me so much – in three weeks only, too! “I think that English learning with someone from another country, who belongs to a totally different culture, is great. We have in common only the goal of learning English as much as possible. It’s something wonderful! And my teachers were amazing, so I really enjoyed my classes. “Last quality (but not least) – the school is located in a great spot in La Jolla, just a few steps from the oceanfront. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” Her plans after EC? Lavinia will begin her studies back home in Italy, to receive her degree in Nanotechnology & Engineering! She is also planning to return to the US for her Master’s degree. Thank you for this amazing review, Lavinia! We are so happy you enjoyed your time at EC San Diego!! Please come back and visit us anytime!      

Student Testimonial: Adriana C. !

Student Adriana C. came to EC San Diego from Brazil, and is enrolled in our General English Program Read this great testimonial from EC San Diego Student Adriana ! I think the classes at EC San Diego are great! In class I have the chance to meet people from all over the world. I am learning that [students from other countries] speak English a different way than I do, and that everyone is trying to learn English and make it their own. I am now at the  High Intermediate English class at school. I also love the beach next to the school, La Jolla Cove, and I surf in Pacific Beach with other students I met here at EC. They have helped me learn to surf better! And I really like my host family. I have a host mother that cooks us dinner every night, and will talk with all the students in the house. She corrects our English, which is really helpful for me to learn the right way to use English when speaking with [native English] speakers. My host mom also teaches us about San Diego history, and where to go to do different, fun things. I already feel like a part of the city and life in San Diego!