Baseball Basics by EC San Diego

  EC San Diego students and staff enjoy a summertime baseball game There’s nothing more American than baseball. Baseball started in America in 1845. Baseball is referred to as America’s favorite pastime. A pastime is something you do (and have done before) in your free time. Baseball has a long history in America and it’s popular in several other countries, too. Here are some facts that you may or may not know about baseball, from EC San Diego teacher Autumn: A baseball team has 9 players. A baseball game has no time limit. In baseball points are called “runs.” There are 30 baseball teams in the MLB (Major League Baseball). California has 5 baseball teams: San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Athletics, and San Francisco Giants. Baseball is a fantastic sport and you must experience the game live at least one time. Next Saturday, August 20th join teacher Autumn and EC San Diego English students to watch the San Diego Padres play the Arizona Diamondbacks!

EC San Diego Mid-Summer Events

It is the height of summer and EC San Diego has some amazing activities planned. Read the below to get all the information you need to know! And make sure to like our EC Facebook page to get up-to-date information on all our events and activities. It’s a great summer to study English in San Diego! Padres Baseball Game with EC! Saturday July 16th 2016 (5:40pm) Sign up and pay ($30) for your ticket at the EC front desk Collect your ticket after you pay Join us at Petco Park stadium – the game starts at 5:40pm Address: 100 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101 Soccer at the Cove! Monday, July 18th, 2016 (2:15pm) Sign up at the front desk, and meet teacher Kevin there at 2:15pm Games will be held in the park by La Jolla Cove Don’t forget to wear your football shoes! Disney Movie & Snack Party! Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 (2:15pm) Sign up in the activity binder at the front desk We need at least 5 students to sign up Join Teacher Jenny in Room 10 for a viewing spectacular! EC Potluck Picnic at the Cove! Wednesday July 20th, 2016 (2:15pm) Sign up at the front desk and let us know what you plan to bring Meet at the Cove and bring a dish to share Sports at the Cove with Nick! Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 (2:15pm) Sign up at the front desk Meet Nick at the front at 2:15 to walk down to La Jolla Cove park EC Beach Day at Black’s Beach! Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 (3pm) We LOVE this beach and are excited to share it with our students!! Sign up at the front desk and get directions Meet Tyler at the #30 Bus stop at “La Jolla Shores & Poole Street” at 3pm Bring … Read more

ESL San Diego EC English Homework Club

ESL San Diego: EC English Homework Club

Calling all new and incoming EC San Diego students! Our Homework Club is live and back in action! Sometimes teachers will assign super difficult tasks that can make even the most studious of students suffer a headache. That’s exactly what Homework Club is for! The Club was started several years ago, originally called Guided Self Study (GSS), but it has always been the same: students in ESL San Diego classes with EC who need that extra bit of help can come find it, whatever it may be. So, bring your most difficult tasks, questions, problems and brains to Teacher Brian every Thursday at 2:15 to get some FREE extra help. All levels are welcome, and any subject is fair game. You just need to sign up at the front desk. And here’s a tip for all EC’s students: take your ESL learning OUTSIDE. Volunteer with EC San Diego to speak with San Diego local or have your hosts take you out for cultural excursions if you are staying in an EC San Diego Homestay. Even if you come to Homework Club to get extra help and make sure your homework is done correctly, you must still take the knowledge of English you gain here into the real world, and use it with real people. For example, one hundred grammar exercises on the Present Perfect vs. Past Simple still aren’t nearly as good as 1 hour of conversation and communication with a native English speaker. So get out there, and don’t be afraid to use your English!

EC San Diego June Calendar

EC San Diego’s calendar has arrived! Check out all of our activities for the month of June below! San Diego County Fair on June 6th:  Join us at the annual San Diego County Fair at the Del Mar fairgrounds. There will be rides, food, concerts, exhibits and much more!  Tickets are $10 per person.   Student Presentations on June 10th:  Student presentations on Columbia and Venezuela will be given in the student lounge at 1:30pm.   EC Movie Night on June 13th:  Come and watch the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park series “Jurassic World,” at 4pm!   “Explore Little Italy” on June 14th:  Explore Little Italy with your classmates!  There will be a farmer’s market from 9am-2pm and a Ballast point brewery tour for those +21 at 12pm.   “Summer Kick off Party” on June 17th:  San Diego experiences will be throwing a summer kick off boat party! Tickets are $25-$35 per person.   Visit Birch Aquarium on June 18th:  Visit Birch aquarium in La Jolla at 2pm.  Tickets are $10! Be sure to have your student ID.   San Diego Zoo trip on June 21st:  Visit the world famous San Diego Zoo.  Sign up and pay by June 18th.  Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the front desk.   “Tie Dye Tuesday” on June 23rd:  Create your own Tie Dye Tuesday clothing item between 12:30-2:30pm.  Sign up at the front desk by June 18th!  Bring your own white clothing item!   “EC Karaoke Night” on June 25th:  EC Karaoke night will take place at Karaoke 101 in Kearney Mesa at 8pm. Come and sign up at the front desk!   San Diego Padre’s game on June 27th:  AY coordinator Autumn will be leading taking students to a San Diego Padre’s baseball game.  Tickets are $20 per … Read more

English in San Diego: Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla

This month, students from EC San Diego had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (MCASD) located in  La Jolla. This museum is known for its exploration and presentation of contemporary work, consisting of art from the late 20th and early 21st century. These students learning English in San Diego enjoyed reading about the museum’s showcased local and international contemporary artists. They were able to interpret and discuss the different artistic pieces on display, practicing their English while discovering their personal meaning of the modern artistic mind. Above: Installation art is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space. The iconic ‘kayak’ installation (see above) hangs over the roof of the La Jolla museum. This collection of boats is held together by stainless steel wire cable! Below: Abstract art seeks to break away from the traditional representation of physical objects. Like these abstract paintings (below: A, B), abstract art explores the relationship between forms and colors. A. B. Similar to these abstract paintings, avant garde pieces (example below) include new and unusual or experimental ideas. The French term “avant garde” translates into English as “advanced guard”; often, artwork called avant garde is experimental, new, and forward-thinking! The Edwards Scuplture Garden (which includes the sculpture Big Ganesh, above) on the MCASD La Jolla  campus is a permanent exhibition, and truly worth checking out anytime of the year! The MCASD La Jolla is just a 5 minute walk from EC San Diego’s campus. The museum is open year-round and student can even participate in fun, cultural MCASD events held in San Diego each month! Below, a view of the Pacific Ocean from the museum’s back terrace. We call this gorgeous work of art “A San Diego Winter“. Thank you to all the students who joined us for our trip to the MCASD, La Jolla!! Remember: … Read more

EC San Diego Presents: “S’up Bro?” An Intro to Slang

Slang is a way to express your thoughts in an informal way. Listed below are some trendy American Phrases and their meaning. “Catch some rays”:    Definition: Getting some sunshine. Example: I’m going to the beach to catch some rays. “You’re the real MVP.” (Most Valuable Player):  Definition: A way to congratulate someone. Example: You forgot your wallet at home and you’re out to dinner. Your friend Kevin pays. “Kevin, you’re the real MVP.” “Bae”: Definition: Acronym for ‘before anyone else’ (used interchangeably with babe). Example: “Bae, I love you so much” “That escalated quickly”: Definition: Describes a situation that goes from calm to crazy in a matter of seconds. Example: You’re relaxing on the beach, and all the sudden a huge wave comes and drags you into the water. “Well, that escalated quickly.” “Turnt”: Definition: Under the influence of alcohol; hype for a party. Example: “Bassmnt got so turnt last night” “Killin’ it!”  Definition: When you do something extremely well. Example: “I was killin’ it during that exam – thanks to my courses at EC San Diego!” “Awkward turtle”:  Definition: A way to describe an uncomfortable situation. Example: “I met that girl last night at a party, but I didn’t remember her name. Awkward turtle.” “Keep it 100”:  Definition: To be true to yourself no matter the circumstance. Example: You don’t have to like my life choices. I’m going to keep it 100, no matter what. “Selfie”:  Definition: A photo taken of one’s self. This term became very popular because of a song by The Chainsmokers. Example: “….but first let me take a selfie.” “Sup”:  Definition: Slang for “What’s up?” another way to ask what is new with someone. Example: Bob: “Hey, sup?” Sally: “Not much, just hanging out.”  “Bro”:  Definition: A friend, commonly used in greetings. Example: “What’s up bro?” These … Read more

Student Testimonial: Mariana Angotti!

Mariana Angotti came to EC San Diego for one month of vacation time, and spent her entire stay participating in an EC full immersion English course. Read her review of our school below, and to find out why she loved her time here & never wants to leave! “I love this school, and the people here. “I am in the Intermediate class, Core A. My teachers are Sylvia and Chelsea – both are so great, I am so happy with them as my teachers! The English classes are better than I ever expected. “And I am completely in love with this city [San Diego] and the EC language school. I never want to leave! “I am going to go back to Brazil this weekend [where] I am a food engineer with Dannon company. I work in research and development to find new and better packaging [for food]. I came here for one month of vacation, and have improved my English and met many new friends. “I recommend EC San Diego to everyone back home and everywhere else, too!” Thank you for this amazing review, Mariana. We hope to see you again soon!

Student Testimonial: Ayano Wakabayashi

“I don’t want to leave tomorrow, I wish I could stay in San Diego forever,” stated Ayano Wakabayashi, twenty-seven year old student, who is originally from Japan. Ayano has been at EC San Diego for a year now, and has been enrolled in the Semi-Intensive program. While Ayano attended College in Japan, she studied English as her major. While in college she always wanted to study abroad in America, and really emerge her self into the culture. After she graduated College, she decided she wanted to start her own  tourism company. Discovering this, she realized she would need to know more English. This is what drove her to enroll in English Courses at EC San Diego. Ayano went on to say that “San Diego is the best city in the world, the people here are awesome and are very kind. I like that it’s not just the people at EC that are nice but everyone in the city.” While in San Diego Ayano enjoyed it’s many beautiful beaches, ventured the theme parks such as Seaworld, and met a lot of new friends. She went on to say how much she loved the diversity at EC San Diego, and how it has given her the desire to study all the different types of cultures and histories. When asked what Ayano liked about EC she replied, ” I liked that there are different levels and that the teachers are always willing to help. For a while I couldn’t move up to the next level, it was very frustrating. I showed the teachers that I did want to learn and progress. So many teachers, some who weren’t even my own began helping me, and giving me extra work so I could move up to the next level. With their help I was finally able … Read more

Celebrate A Summer of ESL Learning!

This Sunday, September 7th, EC San Diego will be hosting a Beach BBQ for all of our staff & students! Location: North Jetty Road, San Diego, 92109 (look for the EC flag by the grass) Time: 11am to 2:30pm We will have TWO barbecue grills, so please bring any meat & vegetables that you would like to cook! (This event is BYOM/V, which stands for “Bring Your Own Meat [or Vegetables]”.) All are welcome to bring other food as well, for a pot-luck style lunch. There will also be LOTS of basketball, volleyball, and soccer games on the grass & on the beach! Remember: It’s always a great idea to supplement your English courses at EC San Diego with social events like this – it can really help to improve your English conversation & listening skills! Plus, you can learn how to grill from the best – our very own Assistant Academic Director, Nick DiZinno!! Planning to be there? Make sure to sign your name on the sign-up sheet at the front desk! EC will be providing sodas, water, plates, napkins, utensil, etc. – and we want to make sure that we bring enough for everyone who comes to this event!! Mark your calendars, and bring yourself, your friends, and some good food to EC’s BBQ this Sunday! We’ll see you at the beach!!

Be A Part of our San Diego Home Stay Program!!

Become a Home Stay provider with EC San Diego! We at EC San Diego love our students, and are always looking for local families to provide them with a “home away from home” here in San Diego!! Some basic information about EC & our Home Stay Program:  EC English Language Centers is committed to teaching English to international students – and to providing them with the type of full immersion English experience that is quintessential to ESL learning. A large part of our full immersion commitment is working with local Host Families, who provide our students with the experience of living with an American family, while they also partake in part or full-time English classes here at school. EC is committed to ensuring that our students’ stay here in San Diego is memorable. Alongside our high quality General English courses, we also provide a friendly Center atmosphere and impeccable student services. Our San Diego Home Stay Program is an integral part of this service.  We strive to ensure that our students will not only take home with them fond memories of a friendly school and improved use of the English language, but also fond memories of their “home away from home” and their new American friends. Students choose to stay in an American home stay while studying at EC San Diego in order to have the opportunity to practice English outside of class and to see first-hand how American families live. We hope that hosting an international student will prove to be an exciting and rewarding experience for you, your family, and your students! If you are interested in hosting an international student in your home, please contact our Home Stay Coordinator Brittany Goodwell at (858) 456-1212 ext. 208, or via email at We look forward to hearing from you!