Fledgling Summer!

fledg·ling [ˈflejliNG] NOUN A young bird that has just fledged. synonyms: chick · baby bird · nestling 2. Person or organization that is immature, inexperienced, or underdeveloped: “the fledgling democracies of eastern Europe” synonyms: emerging · emergent · sunrise · dawning    Every year, EC San Diego hosts fledglings during the summer. These are not young students, however; they are baby birds who are learning to fly! They have dropped off our roof onto the balcony. Their mothers are keeping watch over them until they are ready to fly away. To make sure they are safe, we will take these birds to a local wildlife shelter to give them time to practice their flying and keep them from walking on our street down below. Before we take them to the wildlife center, please make sure to keep our door closed and do not try to pet or play with them. Their mothers are very protective and will be very upset if you get close to them. However, You can enjoy them through the window!