EC San Diego Student Testimonial: Seo Youn Choi (Selena)

“Hello, this is Seo Youn Choi from Korea, but please, call me Selena! I’ve been here at San Diego EC for over 11 months and I would like to share my wonderful experiences at EC! Since I’ve been with EC, my English has been much improved. My first class was Intermediate and now I’m in TOEFL class which is one of the highest level[s] in EC. Since EC has various levels, not only does it evaluate students effectively, but also it makes us motivated! Moreover, EC has a wonderful location and the kindest staff including the teachers. EC San Diego is located near La Jolla Cove, which has the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. All of the EC staff welcome[s] students with bright smiles, so I also treat them as my famil[y].” “Lastly, I’ve met so many different people, made hundreds of good friends and learned [about] a lot of cultures through EC. Before I came to EC, I didn’t know anything about other cultures, but EC made me more confident in trying new things and making new friends. During the time that I’ve spent with EC, I became [a] more mature person. I extremely appreciate all of EC’s kindness and efforts – I won’t be able to forget my EC San Diego life. Truly, I hope [for] us [all to] be together again someday. Thank you, EC!” Thank you, Selena, for your incredible review of our center! We are so happy to know that you enjoyed your experience at the best English language school in San Diego, EC San Diego!

Student Testimonials-EC San Diego

Every so often the staff at EC San Diego like to take the time to speak with our students to find out how they are enjoying their stay. This month we spoke with Swiss students Marco Wyssbrod and Patrick Buechi to find out what they think about their experiences learning English at EC San Diego!  Read below to see what they had to say! I transferred to EC San Diego from EC Boston because of the great weather in San Diego. I have learned a lot in the EC San Diego Cambridge program already and really enjoy my teachers, Wes & Mo [Marilyn]. My teachers are really funny and care a lot about the students. Mo even brings snacks for her class at least twice a week! At school there is always a great, friendly atmosphere. I am also satisfied with my apartment and the Pacific Beach location which is very near to the beach.              -Marco Wyssbrod My first thought is how amazing it is that EC  San Diego is very international with lots of students from different countries. I am in the TOEFL program with Mike C and John Kim are awesome teachers. I am here three months, and if they were always my teachers my English would improve so much! My favorite places in San Diego are La Jolla Shores for surfing and the Burger Lounge. I like meeting and talking to people. In just one week, I have met Arab, Brazilian, Swiss, and Italian students. I have a really nice Host Family. They have a big house and they are really good. I like them.  -Patrick Buechi

An Amazing Review of EC San Diego, from student Lavinia A.!

 Lavinia is a current student at EC San Diego. She is enrolled in our TOEFL exam prep course! Lavinia came to study English in the USA from her home in Italy, where she will return after completing her EC program. Read what she has to say about her experience at EC San Diego: “I would recommend EC to everyone! I’ve been at EC San Diego for three weeks only, but I feel so happy and thankful for this opportunity that I wish I could stay here for months. “I’ve never been in a school like this before, it’s awesome! [Students] have the opportunity to improve their English speaking with skilled, friendly teachers and other international students from all over the world. The full immersion English program has helped me so much – in three weeks only, too! “I think that English learning with someone from another country, who belongs to a totally different culture, is great. We have in common only the goal of learning English as much as possible. It’s something wonderful! And my teachers were amazing, so I really enjoyed my classes. “Last quality (but not least) – the school is located in a great spot in La Jolla, just a few steps from the oceanfront. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” Her plans after EC? Lavinia will begin her studies back home in Italy, to receive her degree in Nanotechnology & Engineering! She is also planning to return to the US for her Master’s degree. Thank you for this amazing review, Lavinia! We are so happy you enjoyed your time at EC San Diego!! Please come back and visit us anytime!      

TOEFL San Diego: Providing the Best Exam Preparation for the Best TOEFL Score!!

EC San Diego offers the most effective TOEFL Exam Preparation courses for students looking to learn effective test-taking strategies and practice their academic and analytic English language skills. EC San Diego knows that the best way for students to improve TOEFL scores is to practice and refine all the essential skills tested by the exam. Our teachers are seasoned professionals who provide immediate feedback and on-the-spot correction during lessons; students actively participate in their own learning each day by taking mock-tests and practicing skills outside of the classroom for homework assignments. TOEFL San Diego classes are kept small in order to maximize lessons for every student. Thomas Lemke, an ECSD TOEFL student who took the test in June, scored 111 points out of 120, giving him a 93% and ensuring his admission into the University of California, San Diego. Of his experience, Thomas writes: ECSD’s TOEFL course couldn’t have been better. When I first arrived at the school, I thought I would struggle to get a good score. After a few weeks I realized that I had the potential to get at least an 80. Exactly four weeks later, when my score was published online, I learned that I scored 111 out of 120 points, 93%! A great part of my success I owe to my teachers – Shawna Schenk and Alvin Almerol  – who helped me through the whole process. ECSD teachers really care about their students, and the friendly relationship that Shawna and Alvin developed not only with me, but with the whole class, made everything easier and more enjoyable. The entire course is amazing, and ECSD is great for studying, and the perfect place to meet new friends from different cultures all around the globe! TOEFL San Diego is an open course, beginning every Monday with 30 … Read more