Our New Student Intern, Jiana!

Hello, I am Jian So (call me Jiana!) from South Korea. It has been about 3 months since I arrived in America. I have started to work as an intern at EC, a San Diego English Center, since March 28th. I am working as an assistant at the front desk arranging files, making flyers and so on. Come say hi to me anytime! It is very lucky for me to work at this beautiful place, La Jolla. We can see wonderful sea sights just in 5 minutes by walking from school. Also there are many nice places and restaurants to have dates with others. I am so excited because not only my career will be definitely supported, but my communication skills will improve when I continue to immerse myself in ESL San Diego. I don’t want to miss this perfect chance to grow. Thank you EC San Diego!  

Volunteering at EC San Diego

There are many volunteer opportunities for students studying English in the USA. Volunteering while learning English can be very rewarding, some of our students volunteer at various places in the city. Students have opportunities throughout the year to participate in beach clean ups, food drives, and walks/runs for various important causes.   EC San Diego students have the unique opportunity to volunteer once or twice a month at the local retirement home.  Students volunteer to speak English at dinner and over coffee with the residents, who greatly appreciate having the chance to speak with younger people. One student from Japan is currently volunteering by working in the restaurant at the retirement home.  He really enjoys being a volunteer there because he gets to meet a lot of new people and make new friends.  He says that, it is important to volunteer because you can experience new things and people.  He also enjoys getting to experience and observe the restaurant etiquette in the United States because it is so different from restaurants in Japan.  He would definitely recommend volunteering to all students coming to the United States to learn English. Volunteering can give students something important to do while they are studying. It is also an opportunity for them to speak with native speakers which is important to improving their English quickly.    

EC San Diego Student Testimonial – Kento

22 year old Japanese student Kento Higa shares his experience studying ESL at EC San Diego! I chose to study at EC San Diego because the weather is nice and because the school is near the ocean. I really love the ocean so, I decided to study here.I improved my English a lot. When I came my weakness was speaking. I had studied a little before, but I could not say anything except hello and how are you but now I’m getting much better and more confident. I even gave two presentations one at EC and one at Casa de Manana in front of about 20 to 30 students. My favorite EC activity was the GSS class and AY tutoring because my pronunciation was really bad, but now I am getting better since AY tutoring with teacher Karen. Karen was very helpful because she didn’t make me nervous, and she is always smiling and telling jokes and is very energetic. I really like my accommodation at the apartments. There was a pool, jacuzzi and I can play table tennis and shoot pool and it’s very safe. I would recommend EC to a friend because you will have many opportunities, for example to do student presentations and be a student ambassador. I made many new friends from Saudi Arabia, Korea, American, and Brazilian. I became very good friends with Korean and Brazilian students because we went on many trips together like San Francisco and Las Vegas and we have meals together, so we became very close. I will remember my presentations because doing them gave me so much confidence in speaking English. Also, I had a lot of fun being a student ambassador because I learned a lot of things such as leadership, responsibility and I had a lot of chances … Read more

EC San Diego students listen to their peers' presentations and take notes in English

EC San Diego: English Immersion and Community Outreach

At EC San Diego, we take pride in our ability to seamlessly merge learning English via the classroom with cultural immersion and community outreach. This philosophy and practice make our EC center the best English language school in San Diego! Every month, EC San Diego students have two fantastic opportunities to practice their English and give back to the local La Jolla community by sharing their lives with senior citizens at Casa de Mañana, a nearby retirement community.  On the third Wednesday of every month, students are invited to dinner at Casa de Mañana for a “Dinner & Conversation” event. During this event, Casa de Mañana residents host tables for EC students who enjoy a free, delicious meal while getting to know the residents and each other. The hosts at Casa enjoy the opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures, and the students get great experience talking to native English speakers and the opportunity to hear many fascinating stories.  A former student, Edilene Storti, who attended Casa in January said, “Being at Casa de Mañana was the most surprising and delightful experience I’ve had in San Diego. In my country, when it comes to visiting a retirement house, it’s usually sad to see that people who live there were, most of times, abandoned by their families. Casa de Mañana was different from my expectations; I could meet English speakers who were extremely interesting people full of joy and of life!” The day after the “Dinner and Conversation” event, students chosen by EC San Diego teachers and staff give presentations at Casa de Mañana about their home countries! Each month, more and more Casa residents come to listen to the presentations and learn about EC students’ home countries.  Giving a presentation is a great way for EC San Diego students to practice their presentation skills (in English, of course!) and … Read more

EC Student Ambassador: Kento Higa

Hi!! My name is Kento Higa. I’m from Okinawa Japan [where] I was born and raised. I’m 21 years old. I’ve been in San Diego for three months and in my free time I like reading manga in English, listening to music, and playing basketball. My dream is to become an English teacher in Japan. I became a student ambassador at EC San Diego to improve my teaching skills, leadership experience and English skills. I thought it is a really good learning opportunity for me, so I accepted it. I want to join all EC’s events and I want to enjoy EC and the city of San Diego!! Of course, I want to improve my English. I’m going to give my best to be [a responsible] student ambassador, even though I’m not perfect. I hope all ambassadors will be good English speakers and we will able to have a great time in San Diego. Find out more about our incredible volunteer program at EC’s English language school in San Diego

November Activity Calendar, 2014

Remember, Remember: It Now is November! EC San Diego’s NEW November Activity Calendar is now available! Check out the following activities and events that will take your full immersion English course to the next level: 1. November 5th: “Girl Talk” Activity & Class with Teacher Gina! “Venting” in English can be really fun, so sign up at the front desk ladies!! 2. November 8th: 18+ Concert “Audien” at the House of Blues!  This 18+ concert will be held in one of San Diego’s BEST venues, the House of Blues! Tickets are $20 – please go to front desk for more information. 3. November 11th: No School – EC Closed for National Veteran’s Day Holiday! Tuesday’s an off day, everyone! 4. November 12th: “Guy Talk” Activity with Teacher JJ! Meet JJ outside EC at 6:15PM. Please bring money — the “talk” will take place at a local restaurant of JJ’s choosing! Sign up in the white binder at the Front Desk! 5. November 13th: Start Celebrating Thanksgiving By (you guessed it) Giving Thanks! Come to the front desk to fill your thankful feather: “I am thankful for _______”… 6. November 20th: EC Soccer Game At The Cove — Team E vs. Team C! Go the front desk to sign your name and choose a team letter. Everyone will meet Student Counselor Ell at the front desk at 1:15pm. All are welcome to join when they can! 7. November 23rd: EC Trip to the San Diego Zoo! Sign up and pay at the front desk – $20, cash only. Remember to ask for directions!! 8. November 25th: Pajama Day at EC! Wear your comfiest nighttime attire to school in celebration of Fall – and sleeping! 9. November 26th: Pumpkin Pie Social at EC! Free pie and whipped cream for all from 12:45 – 1:30pm in the … Read more

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Yesterday, EC San Diego held a fundraiser in order to raise money for further research on alternative testing methods and medicines for treating Ovarian cancer. Students who donated $1 were able to put their hand in a box and pick out a piece of paper listing one of three prizes: 1) candy, 2) a $5 Starbucks gift card, or 3) a ticket to the SD Zoo. The fundraiser was a hit as 4 students won Zoo tickets, 8 students won Starbucks gift cards, and the rest of participating students won candy. We are happy to announce that a total of $281.57 was raised and will be donated to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. Teacher Patricia Blackstone Evans shares her thoughts below: “It was a great day [on] Thursday, 25 September, when EC San Diego students helped us raise over $250 towards essential research into Ovarian Cancer. Early detection and developing new medicines will give women their best chances of survival. We would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to all who made donations towards this goal.”

Be A Part of our San Diego Home Stay Program!!

Become a Home Stay provider with EC San Diego! We at EC San Diego love our students, and are always looking for local families to provide them with a “home away from home” here in San Diego!! Some basic information about EC & our Home Stay Program:  EC English Language Centers is committed to teaching English to international students – and to providing them with the type of full immersion English experience that is quintessential to ESL learning. A large part of our full immersion commitment is working with local Host Families, who provide our students with the experience of living with an American family, while they also partake in part or full-time English classes here at school. EC is committed to ensuring that our students’ stay here in San Diego is memorable. Alongside our high quality General English courses, we also provide a friendly Center atmosphere and impeccable student services. Our San Diego Home Stay Program is an integral part of this service.  We strive to ensure that our students will not only take home with them fond memories of a friendly school and improved use of the English language, but also fond memories of their “home away from home” and their new American friends. Students choose to stay in an American home stay while studying at EC San Diego in order to have the opportunity to practice English outside of class and to see first-hand how American families live. We hope that hosting an international student will prove to be an exciting and rewarding experience for you, your family, and your students! If you are interested in hosting an international student in your home, please contact our Home Stay Coordinator Brittany Goodwell at (858) 456-1212 ext. 208, or via email at brittanygoodwell@ecenglish.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Habitat for Humanity

Last Friday, July 11th, students of EC San Diego spent the day volunteering their time with a local non-profit organization called Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity coordinates and provides free services for local families living in unsafe or unhealthy living conditions. Part of the organization’s summer project includes the rebuilding of 35 rundown houses in San Diego. Volunteers provide a variety of services, including roofing, fencing, painting, and landscaping. Last week’s event was led by EC San Diego’s Academic Year Coordinator, Daniel Heckmyer. According to Daniel, “These smaller projects help to revitalize the neighborhood, increase property value, and overall help the residents take pride in their community.”  With this mission in mind, Daniel took a total of ten students to a neighborhood in Escondido where they spent the entire day painting the exterior of two different houses. Students not only practiced their painting skills but were also encouraged to practice their English speaking skills with other local volunteers on site. Most importantly, the students learned about the function of non-profit organizations and can bring those ideas back to their home country. A big thank you to Daniel for coordinating this event and allowing students to experience such a great opportunity in San Diego.  

EC San Diego Students & Staff Give Back!!

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, EC San Diego students, staff, and teachers volunteered with “I Love A Clean San Diego” to pick up trash around Mission Bay as part of EC’s Giving Back Day!   Students were able to practice speaking English in San Diego while out with the locals – all while giving back to their (new) home & community! Together, EC San Diego’s “Giving Back” group collected over 16 pounds of trash & debris that would have otherwise been swept into the Pacific Ocean by the tides. EC San Diego Student Services Counselor Elisabeth Stallard commented: “It was rewarding knowing that we were helping to preserve the beauty of San Diego’s beaches. I also got to know my co-workers and our students much better! It was really a team effort at the end of the day.” Lunch was provided by EC San Diego for all who participated in the clean-up, and the group held a picnic on the (new, clean) beach following the event! Thank you so much to everyone who came out on Saturday!!