What’s been happening at EC San Francisco English School

May 3, 2010 Our staff of 2 moved into the 18th floor of 100 Montgomery St. and were joined for the very intense first week by Mark Degiorgio from Malta. Ten student computers were installed in the student lounge, along with wireless access throughout the school for both academic and personal use of English language students. May 10, 2010 EC San Francisco officially opens with our first two students. Suzana B. and Edval H. are both from Brazil. Suzana has been working in international sales in Latin America for a medical devices company. She is bi-lingual in Spanish and Portuguese. Her goal is to improve her English to the level of her Spanish knowledge so she can work in sales and marketing globally. Edval is an accountant in his family-run business. He needs English so he can expand his client base to include English speaking clients doing business in Brazil. He already has a client from Australia. Our first ECSF students are getting a LOT of individual attention! Our academic program started with two teachers, Molly McCann, from Santa Barbara, California and Alexandra Rollo, a San Francisco native. Molly studied linguistics and Slavic languages at the University of California, Santa Barbara and also studied in Italy. She speaks some Italian, Russian, French and Spanish. Alexandra (Alex) has an MA in TESOL from St. Mary’s College of California. She has lived and traveled in Turkey and the Middle East and taught English in Tanzania in 2003. May 17, 2010 ECSF grows by 50%! Our third student, Melissa B., also from Brazil, arrives. And we add a third teacher, Dustin Delaney. Dustin is from Montana and taught English in Japan before settling in San Francisco. May 24, 2010 Our three Brazilians were thrilled to welcome 2 new students, both from Italy. Gabriella … Read more