Why Learn English at EC San Francisco?

EC San Francisco
EC San Francisco

Here are the reasons why you should take an English language course at EC San Francisco.

  • EC San Francisco is one of nine global EC. Our award winning schools have centres in USA, UK, Cape Town and Malta.
  • We offer a multi-destination programme whereby you can transfer to one of our other schools in New York, Boston and San Diego.
  • We offer discounts for long term study.
  • Choose from a variety of quality English language courses.
  • Our social activities programme allows you to mix with other students as you do fun things around the city.
  • We are careful with the nationality mix so that we don’t have too many of one nationality at our school.
  • A fantastic location just off Market Street in the city’s Downtown area.
  • Quality accommodation options to suit all budgets and needs.
  • Self Study room for all EC San Francisco students.
  • Access to 10 internet connected computers.
  • Free wireless internet access throughout the centre.
  • 16 bright and spacious classrooms which hold a maximum of 14 students.
  • Large TV screen for EC students.

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