‘Stop the Clocks’

Are you an ‘early bird’ or a ‘night owl’?
Do you find yourself in class ‘on time’ or constantly running ‘against the clock’?
They say, “time flies when you’re having fun” but sometimes, its a real ‘drag’.

Life in the 21st Century is far busier than what it used to be. ‘Catch a break’ with these idioms, so you too can ‘keep up with the times’.

‘Cutting it fine’ – to be almost late or allow little margin of time.
“Timothy, let’s go! It’s 8.30 and we’re cutting it fine!”

‘In the blink of an eye’- When an event happens so fast that it is nearly impossible to notice.
“Wow! Sergio Aguero scored that free kick in the blink of an eye”.

‘That ship has sailed’- A certain opportunity has passed by or you are simply too late.
“When Thomas was in High School, he wanted to be a doctor. Unfortunately for him, he’s now 26 and that ship has sailed”.

‘Put it on ice’- To postpone something or preserve it for future use.
“Sorry Jacob, I have so much homework in for tomorrow. We’ll have to put our game of tennis on ice”.

‘Drag it out’- Take a long time to finish or speak for a long period of time.
“Stephanie really knows how to drag out a story. I was beginning to fall asleep!”

‘In the nick of time’- Without a second to spare.
“We got home right in the nick of time. Look at all that rain!”