Go ‘Let It Out!’: Language Of Anger

Whether we like it or not, anger affects us all. Quite often, we can control, or at least ‘tame’ these feelings of aggression. However, there comes a time in every person’s life when enough is enough… The snoring room-mate. The one who talks with his mouth full. The young wom … Read more

‘Techno Talk’: Be Your Own Robot!

When it comes to technology, we’ve come a long way. The same goes for language. Keep yourself up-to-date with such techno language. to blow a fuse: to become extremely angry or aggressive Richard blew a fuse when he found out the Giants threw away the 5th inning. to get one’s wires cross … Read more

Phrasal Verbs: ‘Tighten Up’ Your English

DRAW UP– to prepare, arrange or organize 1. I’ll come down for supper after I draw up a revision schedule. DIG UP – to get hold of secret information 2. Marcus was paid five hundred pounds to dig up some dirt on David Cameron. COME UP– to be mentioned 3. I doubt the subject of Quan … Read more

Changing Our Tune: Idioms of Music

“Without music, life would be a mistake” ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche ‘Fine-tune’ your English with these idioms of music! Face the music: To confront and accept the negative consequences of a personal wrong-doing “It was time for Henry to pay off his credit card and fa … Read more

Come Dine With EC!

Food, Glorious Food! Put your culinary skills to the test with these ‘Cookbook’ essentials. Bake- To cook in a oven, without oil (Meatloaf, Cookies, Scones etc.) Fry- To cook in a pan with hot oil (Bacon, Onions, Eggs etc.) Boil- To cook in hot water (Potatoes, Pasta etc.) Dice- To cut i … Read more

Change Your Perspective: Seeing The World From Different Angles

See, Look, Stop and Stare Watch the sun set slowly Peer, View, Squint and Glare Observe the world from Union Square, San Francisco’s one and only BART and MUNI, crowded mostly Peek at those nearest, but don’t be nosy Study your books, Scrutinize them closely Skim, Scan and don’t ge … Read more