Come Dine With EC!

Food, Glorious Food!
Put your culinary skills to the test with these ‘Cookbook’ essentials.

Bake- To cook in a oven, without oil (Meatloaf, Cookies, Scones etc.)
Fry- To cook in a pan with hot oil (Bacon, Onions, Eggs etc.)

Boil- To cook in hot water (Potatoes, Pasta etc.)
Dice- To cut into small cubes (Cucumbers, Peppers amd other Vegetables)

Knead- To repetitively fold dough in one’s hands (Bread, Pizza Dough etc.)
Simmer- To cook over a low flame for an extended amount of time (Chili Con Carne, Bolognese etc.)

Grate- To cut food into numerous, smaller ‘shreds’ (Cheese, Fruit etc.)
Pound- To beat and make ‘tender’ (Meat, Fish etc.)

Steam- To cook via the rise of vapor, given off by boiling water (Broccoli, Carrots etc.)