Changing Our Tune: Idioms of Music

“Without music, life would be a mistake” ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

‘Fine-tune’ your English with these idioms of music!

Face the music: To confront and accept the negative consequences of a personal wrong-doing

“It was time for Henry to pay off his credit card and face the music”

All that jazz: Everything related or similar to

“This afternoon we’re off to Manhattan. We’ll probably stop by Times Sqaure, The Empire State Building, maybe even Madison Sqaure Garden. You know, all that jazz”

Blow one’s own trumpet: To brag about one’s success or ability

“Claire was extremely talented and was never afraid to blow her own trumpet”

Music to one’s ears: A pleasing piece of news

“When I heard that classes had been cancelled for Labor Day, it was like music to my ears!”

Fit as a fiddle: To be physically fit or in good health

“Although he’s nearly 40, David Beckham is still as fit as a fiddle”

Clear as a bell: Extremely easy to understand

“The directions Marcus gave us to the Civic Centre were as clear as a bell”

Change one’s tune: To suddenly change one’s opinion about a certain subject

“For a liberal politician, he has certainly changed his tune since the last election”