Phrasal Verbs: ‘Tighten Up’ Your English

DRAW UP– to prepare, arrange or organize

1. I’ll come down for supper after I draw up a revision schedule.

DIG UP – to get hold of secret information

2. Marcus was paid five hundred pounds to dig up some dirt on David Cameron.

COME UP– to be mentioned

3. I doubt the subject of Quantum Physics will come up in our science test tomorrow.

CHEER UP– to assist in making one feel happier

4. Wipe away those tears and we’ll get you some ice cream. That will cheer you up.

BRING UP– to raise or rear

5. Mark was born in Seoul but brought up in Portland, Oregan. (Past)

BALL UP– to roll something up

6. Toby, who had a flight to catch, threw his clothes into the suitcase and balled everything up (past).

BLOW UP– to suddenly become angry

7. Remember to do your assignment. Harrison will blow up if you fail to hand it in the second time around.

– to behave poorly (human) or malfunction (machinery)

8. Tomorrow, I’ll take the TV to Best Buy. It’s acting up again.

BACK UP– to conveniently make copies of a computer file

9. Unfortunately, Henry forgot to back up his spreadsheets before leaving work for the day. The boss won’t be happy.