‘Techno Talk’: Be Your Own Robot!

When it comes to technology, we’ve come a long way. The same goes for language. Keep yourself up-to-date with such techno language.

to blow a fuse: to become extremely angry or aggressive

Richard blew a fuse when he found out the Giants threw away the 5th inning.

to get one’s wires crossed:
to misunderstand an arrangement or piece of information

I was under the impression we were supposed to meet at 19.30. We must have got our wires crossed!

hit the airwaves:
to promote an idea via TV/radio or to express one’s opinion

Today, Jack Johnson will hit the airwaves to promote his latest single.

well-oiled machine: something efficient and reliable or that functions very well

Rafael Nadal seems to return every shot. He is most certainly a well-oiled machine.

to push one’s buttons:
to deliberately provoke or annoy another individual

Rachel can be so annoying! She really knows how to push my buttons.

all-singing/all dancing:
the most up-to-date, latest technology

Check out the apps on my new iPad 2- Wi-Fi, Digital Camera, a ton of E-Books. It really is all singing, all dancing!