Go ‘Let It Out!’: Language Of Anger

Whether we like it or not, anger affects us all. Quite often, we can control, or at least ‘tame’ these feelings of aggression. However, there comes a time in every person’s life when enough is enough…

The snoring room-mate.
The one who talks with his mouth full.
The young woman on her cell phone who can’t seem to stop talking.

We can’t take it anymore. Anger. Fury. Filled with rage, our blood starts to ‘boil’. It’s time to let it out…. We are only human after all.

a bad hair day: when everything seems to go wrong

Steve seems to be having a real bad hair day. He’s experiencing no luck whatsoever!

to bite someone’s head off: to strongly criticize another individual

I’m sorry! Please, calm down. Don’t bite my head off!

to blow a fuse: to suddenly lose one’s temper or patience

Out of the blue, Rachel snapped and blew a fuse. Nobody expected it.

to drive someone up the wall: annoying another person to a great extent

Amber’s tone of voice is so irritating. It really drives me up the wall.

to have a bone to pick: to show anger towards someone and have a need to express it

Daniel has a bone to pick with you. Why didn’t you show up for the movie last night?

the gloves are off: an act of violence is about to occur

Okay, that’s enough. I’ve had it and the gloves are off!

the last straw: so angry you can’t take it anymore

I mean it, you guys. One more joke about my height and that’ll be the last straw.