Grammar Lesson: Third Conditional

If you hadn’t come to San Francisco, where would you have studied? If you hadn’t done your homework, what would your teacher have said to you? If you had passed that exam, what would you have done to celebrate? We use the thrid conditional to reconstruct imaginery situations in the past. … Read more

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Out’

eat out: to go out for dinner They must be pretty wealthy. They’re always eating out at high-end restaurants. empty out: to remove everything from a single place or location Could you please empty out the trash. Our kitchen is starting to smell! walk out: to leave after disagreement or as a result o … Read more

‘Pardon the Interruption’: Past Continuous

The Past Continuous has a variety of uses in English. It’s main purpose, is to describe an action in the past that continued to progress over a period of time. FORM We form the Past Continuous by taking the past form of the auxiliary ‘to be’ and adding -ing to the end of a main ver … Read more

Difficult Tenses: ‘Past’ Meets ‘Present’

PAST SIMPLE VS PRESENT PERFECT Distinguishing between the Past Simple and Present Perfect can be quite challenging. Below is a brief introduction and comparison between each form. Lets take a look at the following sentences: 1. Lawrence broke his arm in 2002. 2. Unfortunately, Lawrence has broken hi … Read more