Phrasal Verbs With ‘Out’

eat out: to go out for dinner
They must be pretty wealthy. They’re always eating out at high-end restaurants.

empty out: to remove everything from a single place or location
Could you please empty out the trash. Our kitchen is starting to smell!

walk out: to leave after disagreement or as a result of discontent
Having argued with the waitress for nearly an hour, we picked up our belongings and walked out.

sort out: to organize or re-arrange
I’d love to play tennis but unfortunately, I have a ton of paperwork to sort out.

even out: to make ‘level’
David Beckham hit an amazing free kick to even out the score line.

kick out: to force someone to leave
After months of disobedience and misbehavior, Joshua was kicked out of Harvard.

stand out: to be noticed or recognized from afar
Anna’s Halloween costume looks ridiculous. She stands out by a country mile.

sell out: to sell everything ‘in-stock’
I do apologize Madame, we’re currently sold out of this particular item.