Phrasal Verbs with ‘Down’

to back down: to move away from an original idea Stand up for your rights and don’t back down! to break down: when communication between two parties stops Unfortunately, our on-going business agreement broke down after two years. to play down: to make something seem less imporatant He played d … Read more

Grammar Lesson: Inversion and Emphasis

    Although we’d love to see you in person at EC San Francisco, we know not everyone can make it. That’s why we launched EC Virtual, our Online English courses, so you can experience the same great EC experience from home! We can shape our use of English to add emphasis in a n … Read more

Grammar Lesson: Imperatives

Why do we use imperatives? Imperatives are used for a number of different purposes: to give out orders: Tidy your room! to give someone instructions: Take the first turning on the left to give informal advice: Stay a little longer, its the weekend after all! to offer something: Have some cake, it&#8 … Read more

Grammar Lesson: Passive Voice

Why do we use the passive voice? The passive form is an emphatic tense, which dramatizes the main ‘action’ of a sentence. When using English, it is usually the subject which causes the ‘action’ of the sentence and as a result, directly affects the object. These are known as & … Read more