Verbs with Prepositions

Whatever your level, prepositions are extremely important when learning English. Did you know that ‘of’, ‘to’, ‘on’ and ‘in’ are some of the most widely used words in English? Probably not! Most verbs preceding a preposition are followed by a noun. This is just one simple tip which can help you in remembering how to apply them.

account for (to explain)
The country’s poor economy accounts for a high increase in unemployment.

come from (to be born somewhere)
I come from England but live in America.

apply for (to seek employment or admission)
Having graduated from Univeristy, Jacob is currently applying for several jobs.

approve of (to support)
I do not approve of his wreckless driving.

arrived at (to decide)
After hours of thought, Jesscia finally came to a decision.

talk to (to speak with)
James is always talking to John.

look for (to search)
I’m looking for these jeans in a 30″ waist.

listen to (to actively hear)
Charlie enjoyed listening to hip-hop.

plan on (to arrange)
Next summer, we’re planning on visiting San Diego for a few days.

wait for (to be patient)
They missed the bus and were forced to wait for the next one.

belong to (to own)
This dog belongs to me.

Next time you’re in class, check you’re course book for any verbs with prepositions and try to apply them with your own examples!