Phrasal Verbs With ‘Go’

GO OVER– to re-examine or review
Harrison spent the first 45 minutes of class going over yesterday’s homework.

GO DOWN– to worsen in quality or stop working
After experiencing a number of technical errors, the company’s network finally went down.

GO FOR– to sell for a certain price
My Rolex watch is currently going for $4,000 on eBay.

GO AHEAD– to happen as planned
Luckily, the soccer match went ahead despite the terrible weather.

GO INTO– to become involved in or pursue a career in
Abigail went into teaching at the age of 23.

GO AFTER– to try to get or obtain
I recently went after this one job in Hollywood. Unfortunately, my acting ability is dreadful.

GO AROUND– to spend time doing something
Tim and Toby used to go around eating candy as children.

GO BY– to assume or use as a reference
Going by American standards, British accomodation is of an extremely poor quality.

GO THROUGH– to experience an unpleasant situation or period of time
Poor Daniel! He’s gone through so much this past year.

*Remember that phrasal verbs are subject to changes in tense, the same way other verbs appropriately change their form.

(Examples adapted and altered from ‘English Phrasal Verbs in Use Advanced’, McCarthy & O’Dell)