Beating the ‘fear factor’!

Learning English is intimidating. What’s even worse is learning English in a country you are unfamiliar with. If you are ever uncomfortable using English, whether it’s inside, or outside the classroom, it narrows down to one thing- fear! Use these simple steps to help you increase your c … Read more

Linking Expressions: Compare and Contrast

If there is one thing language expects from us, it’s that we use it. Yes, we can read, listen, use grammar even, but in order to remain fully active, we must apply this knowledge through speaking and writing! Understanding English is one thing, but using it clearly and effectively is another. … Read more

Winter Weather with Soobin and Nouf!

Nouf Alotaibi and Soobin Yoo are no strangers to San Francisco. One environmental difference these students may have witnessed over the past six months is the interesting change in climate. The Bay Area is, after all, reknown for it’s unpredictable forecast. An interestingly multifarious mix o … Read more

Plan Your Way To Success

The letter P is extremely powerful. Everyday, I see students take it for granted. Beginner or Advanced, students fail to acknowledge the importance of ‘planning’. When learning a foreign language, it’s always easy for us to sit back and let the teacher run the show. Stop and think … Read more

Welcome to EC San Francisco!

EC San Francisco would like to introduce our new Student Services Counselor, Amanda Marquez! Amanda is no stranger to San Francisco and will primarily be located at the front desk, assisting both Amy and Ashley with EC’s administrative duties. We are extremely happy to have her on board and lo … Read more

EC Across The Pond: Cambridge and London

I’m Harrison Smith. I currently teach the Cambridge ESOL examination-based classes here in San Francisco, whilst I also provide weekly extra-curricular pronunciation practice. As some of you may know, when I’m not in the classroom I’m usually occupied elsewhere. Your Student ID Car … Read more