Winter Weather with Soobin and Nouf!

Nouf Alotaibi and Soobin Yoo are no strangers to San Francisco.

One environmental difference these students may have witnessed over the past six months is the interesting change in climate. The Bay Area is, after all, reknown for it’s unpredictable forecast. An interestingly multifarious mix of cloud, fog and cool winds offer local inhabitants a significant contrast to the high, somewhat parculiar temperatures experienced during Fall, which are capable of reaching up to the mid-70s in fahrenheit.

Soobin Yoo (Upper Intermediate and FCE Candidate, 2011)

Harrison: Hello Soobin!
Soobin: Hi!

Harrison: How are you doing today?
Soobin: I’m good thank you.

Harrison: Do like this weather we’re having outside?
Soobin: Yeah, sure. Before it was really dry and so my skin was also getting really dry. Now it’s better haha.

Harrison: What is the weather like now in South Korea?
Soobin: South Korea is really cold. It’s freezing and snowing all the time. Usually people like to go skiing. I’d love to do that but here there is no snow! So yeah, I miss it.

Harrison: What are you going to do this weekend if it keeps raining?
Soobin: I don’t know. I want to stay at home but I actually had some plans to go to Boston and New York. I think there are supposed to be some bad storms like they’re having in South Korea but it will be fun- I love cold weather!

Harrison: Excellent. Well, thank you for talking today and have a great weekend.
Soobin: Bye and you!

Nouf Alotaibi (Advanced)

Harrison: What can you tell me about the weather in Saudi Arabia Nouf?
Nouf: In winter, the weather is really cool but in summer it’s very hot. It can get very dry and people don’t usually like to spend their time there. They like to get out of the country.

Harrison: Okay, and how do you feel about the weather now in San Francisco?
Nouf: I’ve been here for six months and I experienced the weather in the summer. It was really cold which for me was rather ironic because recently it’s been so warm. It’s still cold but not like during the summer.

Harrison: I see. And, any plans for this weekend?
Nouf: Umm… My friend is coming from Saudi Arabia and I’m really excited to see her.

Harrison: Okay, well lets make sure she has a waterproof!
Nouf: Yeah, sure haha.

Interviews carried out and recorded by Harrison Smith. Follow the links below to read Soobin and Nouf’s Student Testimonials.