Know Your Past Tenses!

Are you using your past tenses appropriately? Are you still applying the past simple because you are afraid of making mistakes when writing? Perhaps you recently learned the past perfect continuous but are still unsure why or when to use it. It’s perfectly normal to be intimidated by so many f … Read more

Teacher Interview: Amol Ray

How long have you been with EC San Francisco? About a year and a half. In which other locations have you taught English? Salvador, Brazil. In your mind, what distinguishes EC from other language centres? I feel there is a great sense of community here at EC, while our staff are friendly and approach … Read more

EC Water Bottle Competition! Where in the world are you?

Do you love your new EC water bottle? Are you making the most of it during weekend day trips across the Bay Area? If you think you’ve got the EC school spirit we’re looking for, then this competition is for you! For this month’s online competition, we want you to send us a picture … Read more

EC Academic Student of the Week

It’s the beginning of the week and San Francisco’s Advanced class kick things off with some ‘Talking Points’, centred around visiting the movies. When was the last time you went to the cinema?, How do we define a film as ‘successful’?, What makes a good actor/actr … Read more

Multiple Destinations with Young Suk Hwang

It’s Wednesday and Young Suk Hwang (a current AY student of mine) is half way through his last week at EC San Francisco. With afternoon electives starting at 1pm, we spent the last ten minutes of our lunch-break chatting in Judah, a quiet classroom where Young-Suk could gather his thoughts and … Read more

Back to Basics: Writing a Review

If there is one form of writing that allows students to express their opinions in full, it’s through a review. Once reaching an Intermediate level, a student’s use of vocabulary, grammar and overall grasp of English is capable of rocketing sky-high. What’s most important however, i … Read more

CAE with Gina Birrer

Gina Birrer is currently EC San Francisco’s only Cambridge ESOL student. After traveling with her friends over the summer and settling down in California from Switzerland, she’s finally getting into the swing of things. As a result of an attendance list that consists of just a single nam … Read more