EC Says… Organize your English!

One of the most important principles for students hoping to improve their English is the everyday practice of organization. Whether you plan on taking an internationally recognized English examination or not, all students can benefit from simple organizational techniques, which can help one progress … Read more

Tips from EC. Have a safe St. Patrick’s Day!

If you are going out for St. Patrick’s Day, leave the house with a plan. If you’re drinking, know your limit. Have a backup plan for getting home. Having a friend with you during your night out is always a good idea. Don’t forget that St. Patrick’s Day is a popular day to go out, and local pubs (and … Read more

History of St. Patrick’s Day

On March 17th, millions of people gather in green to celebrate the national Irish holiday St. Patrick’s Day. But who is St. Patrick? Surprinsingly, St. Patrick himself was not from Ireland. What? That’s right! St. Patrick was born in Great Britain (around AD. 390 to be precise) and kidna … Read more

Teacher Interview: Claire Rawlins

How long have you been with EC? 8 Months. I started in August 2011. In which other countries have you taught English? Japan and Peru. In your mind, what distinguishes EC from other language centres? Our environment is relaxed yet efficient. The school encourages both teachers and students to be as c … Read more

EC Lifestyle with Hsiang

Harrison: What pieces of advice can you give to other students, if they want to learn English like you? Hsiang: Outside school, I’ll always read a newspaper and take it with me to the BART station or MUNI. This newspaper is for free so every morning when I go to the bus station, I’ll tak … Read more

Let There Be Light! An Introduction to Daylight Saving Time.

This coming Sunday (March 11) at precisely 2.00am, North America prepares itself for Daylight Saving Time in 2012. What does this mean exactly? It is important to remember that on Saturday night (or rather, very early on Sunday morning!) all of us are required to move our clocks 1 hour forward. Of c … Read more

Teacher Interview: Kelly Lyman

How long have you been with EC? Since July 2011. In which other locations have you taught English? Obviously ICAE (now EC San Diego), is the first place which comes to mind. I’ve also taught in Brazil and Guatemala. In your mind, what distinguishes EC from other language centres? We have a sense of … Read more