EC Lifestyle with Hsiang

Harrison: What pieces of advice can you give to other students, if they want to learn English like you?
Hsiang: Outside school, I’ll always read a newspaper and take it with me to the BART station or MUNI. This newspaper is for free so every morning when I go to the bus station, I’ll take one. I’ll read two, three or four articles and there are many words I don’t understand. I’ll check them in a dictionary and then I’ll memorize the new words.

Harrison: How do you use technology to help you learn?
Hsiang: Well, I use my iPhone which has a built-in dictionary. Sometimes I listen to music because I want to know how Americans speak and sing. I know this is American culture.

Harrison: So, music culture is important to you. Who are your favorite bands?
Hsiang : Haha. I think Linkin Park or… Jay z. There’s also this new band, LMFAO. Yeah, I like them.

Harrison: Haha. Okay, what could you tell our new students about using public transport in San Francisco?
Hsiang : Public transport is very convenient. You’ve got BART, cable cars and the bus so it’s easy to get around.

Harrison:Thank you for speaking with me today. Don’t worry this will all be edited!
Hsiang : Haha thank you.