Irregular Verb Gap Fill

From as early as Elementary, identifying irregular verbs continually challenge us when learning English. What’s more difficult is when we hit Pre-Intermediate, where we are expected to change them when using continuous, past participle and past simple forms. Put your knowledge to the test with the sentences given below. Try to idenitfy the correct form of the irregular verb provided in brackets. Answers may be found at the bottom of the page. (No cheating!) 1. Despite his love for ice cream, Arthur ________ apple pie for dessert. (choose) 2. Amanda has __________ a nasty cough of Emily and will probably be out sick for a week! (catch) 3. Charlie and Sam _______ an enormous hole in the woods yesterday afternoon. (dig) 4. Having ________ for six hours, Peter felt tired and stopped for a coffee. (drive) 5. As part of his new performance, the entertaining magician _________ a variety of mysterious spoons. (bend) 6. After being ________ at an early age, Henry was fearful of Dalmatians. (bite) 7. David and Sue ________ over some beautiful flowers to wish us a Happy Anniversary. (bring) 8. Rome wasn’t __________ in a day. (build) 9. I was dissatisfied with my IBM and __________ a Macbook to replace it as a result. (buy) 10. The final roller-coaster at Six Flags last weekend was heart pounding. I must have been ___________ on to my safety belt for the entire duration! (cling) 1. chose 2. caught 3. dug 4. driven 5. bent 6. bitten 7. brought 8. built 9. bought 10. clinging